Zombie Youth: Playground Politics (Zombie Youth, #1) by H.E Goodhue. Book Review and Guess what? Yup... Zombie Time.

Ebook copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.
Published April 8th 2012 by Severed Press
ISBN 1475253850

What will the survivors do when everyone over the age of twenty suddenly dies in a viral outbreak? Worse yet, what will they do when the dead refuse stay that way?

A group of students are left trapped in their school as the adults they once relied upon suffer strange symptoms and die, only to return and feed. With no guidance or supervision the students are left to recreate society as they see fit. But not everyone shares their vision of the future...Zombie Youth: Playground Politics is the first novel in a new series following a group of survivors struggling to stay alive in a world where there are things far worse than zombies.

Book Review: 

Anything that has the word Politic in it is bad for me!! But when you have a bunch of young people in a world of zombies trying to remake society it's an eye opener... So add:  Zombies + Apocalypse World + Badass Students and BAM = Amazeballs!

The most important thing in a zombie book? Definitely the gory details!!!! In here the description of the zombies, of the killings are so disgusting and so awesome at the same time! The action? Pretty sweet... From the 25th page and forward is when the action begins and where you won't get be able to get your hands off this book until every single zombie is killed. It's one of those book that gets you on the edge of the seat and leaves you breathless every single time something moves... 

The plot? I wasn't able to connect with the characters all that well. I don't know why but they just didn't felt real enough for me. (Even though they were average teenagers) But that doesn't stop me from saying that they are pretty good. I mean, no way in hell a thirteen year old me would do a third of what they did in the beginning. So, you can expect a sick plot with big guns, and kickass zombie fighting skills as well. 

Though, i think that the story does have too many descriptions and sometimes drags on a bit, but hey even in a zombie world there is slow times... Asides from that? It has everything you could ask for.

Playground Politics is bound to bring new fans to the whole zombie scene and if you didn't knew H.E Goodhue before... well, you will Now!