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Cursed (Voodoo Nights, #1) by Lizzy Ford ! I dare you to read it !

How cool is this cover? It has the bad ass "I am going to jinx you" vibe all over it! And the snake? Hell yeah... I love those sneaky creatures! Cursed is all about the New Orleans mysticism and if you were curious about that mysterious town before, you are going to go crazy with this book by Lizzy Ford... Did I mentioned Lizzy Ford is a genius? Well, she is. She created a very spooky tale with some serious action and sweet romance.
I am speechless. I don't think I can express how much I liked this story with words... This is so awesome because it combines skeptics, black and white magic, charms and some serious undead sister.  Hello! IF you haven't read this book go do it now! It's amazing, the way this story will consume you, it's like the book has a "like me" spell on it.
Jayden is the football golden boy, with a rich "white" daddy and a "black" mother who doesn't care enough about him. You can see where this is going... He  is a dick, I can´t even described how much I disliked him. He was a skeptic and he was kind of good to the story and one of the main characters, but he was so naïve. I mean, if someone kept putting love spells on me I would have seriously freaked out, not ignored it. Everything that happened to him he had it coming, he practically begged for it.  Not to mention he and Adrienne is just a "no way in hell" relationship because he doesn't deserve her! I loved the fact that he had a curse on him of the white zombie, it added some spookiness to his story and made him a bit more interesting.
That someone as strong and handsome as he might be interested in her. At least until he realized she was cursed.

Adrienne is so sweet. She's the scholarship student at a very private school. You can see where this is going as well... She's is lovely, seriously I could read about her all day because she's not naïve and actually is willing to die to save someone she cares about. She's loyal and did I mention the fact that she reads cards? That's totally Badass! She's constantly reading her cards during the book so it gives us a feeling to when something bad is happening and also gives us the connection for Jayden's and Adrienne's stories.
Rene is the second leader of the gang he was thrown in since he was a kid. He is the best character in here by far. He's mysterious yet without knowing and playing tough he will be the one to protect Adrienne and help her! I am strongly voting for him to have a very strong presence in the next book.
"What would you have done?" 
"Messed up anyone who hurt you. Not let you run out into the city on your own. You a good girl. You need someone who sees that and treats you right. Obviously, he don't"  
Excuse me... All the freaking witches gave me Goosebumps. They were so well written and their spells so awesomely executed that It seriously spooked me. How often do you get that in a book?
This story is captivating and alluring. You will not be able to put it down. Lizzy Ford created a world of magic with loads of action that will captivate the skeptics in a heartbeat!

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Getting Rooted in New Zealand by Jamie Baywood. !!!!!!Review!!!!!!

I knew it was a good book just by the quick to impress description and the fact that is was a travel memoir added some bonus points, but I was surprised that when I actually finished I was sad to see that story ending and wanted more!  I swear that whoever reads this is going to be impressed with this author's capacity to hang on to her sanity. I would have lost it in the middle of the book! Seriously...
Jamie is 26 and ready for a chance of life. So after learning that in New Zealand she would be able to cure her broken heart over the male population being nearly extinct there. She gave it a chance. What she didn't expect was women that seemed far too miserable over the lack of attention and men who seemed quite too "soft". This gives us an inside look at Jamie Baywood's experience with travelling and fitting in.
I feel invisible for the first time since I grew boobs. No one looks at me. It's like I'm in another dimension.
Let me just say that Jamie Baywood's life is a fantastic comedy but also hard work. I could not stop laughing at the daily inconveniences she had to go trough. Between strange friends and awful apartments she really lived an adventure that is certain to make us laugh our heads off,
but in the middle of that whole weirdness she managed to survive trough it showing us that if you look deep there is some pretty fantastic people to meet wherever you go.
 They all went on and on about how much better it is to travel with someone you're in love with or friends with.  
I said, "Don't you think I would have traveled with someone if I had the option?"
Thanks for rubbing in my loneliness.
Okay, if an American ever goes to New Z, this book will teach him to watch over what he says. New Zealand is like the naught vocabulary of America because the accent is just that good. You can imagine the very awkward conversations this problem will make in this story, right? And after knowing this, the title of this book is pretty funny!!!
But the book is not all about the fun. Even tough out main girl "Jamie" did like to throw in some pretty amazing remarks at everything. But instead has elements like a bit of romance with some really sweet guy that even tough you know he's taken it won't stop you from swooning!!  Sorry Jamie!!
 Everything is just simple with Grant, in the best sense of the word. It's just easy to be with him. He has never played any games with me; we have never needed to set any rules or have the talk about where this is going. We're both total dorks and make each other laugh all day.
 Jamie Baywood is a new author that is certain to make a difference. I am smitten to her words and if this book was good, I am dying to see what she can do with a story out of her own head!
About the author:
Jamie Baywood grew up in Petaluma, California. In 2010, she made the most impulsive decision of her life by moving to New Zealand. Getting Rooted in New Zealand is her first book about her experiences living there. Jamie is now married and living happily ever after in the United Kingdom. She is working on her second book.

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Premeditated by Josin L. McQuein Review. Perfect book for a Monday.

Holly Hell, my mind just did a double cartwheel. Premeditated is all about raging vengeance, the kind where you want to take your time to make it even sweeter. I am smitten to the book and to Dinah, she's so unique like the book and both will keep you interested long after the last page.
Still she haunts me phantomwise,  
Alice moving under skies  
Never seen by waking eyes.

I don't know why I haven't heard of this genius named Josin L. McQuein and of her amazing world building and making motivated, unique characters and join it all together in an amazing story. It's just great. The book is fast with the right amount of information to not make it boring and it has always something happening to keep us hanging. Just when I though that this personas couldn't get more inventive with their revenge or even with their feelings... the book blows up in my face.

Dinah is the most motivated and impulsive girl I have ever heard of. She has a goal of avenging her cousin and she gives all she's got to make it the best revenge she could get, all throughout this she feels load of emotions like despair, sadness and anger and we get to feel them all.

Brooks (The suspect and vengeance victim). I had a hard time believing it would be him the "bad guy" the minute we started to get more glimpses of him because he's the type of guy that just cares about everyone else too much to even think of harming someone. It wasn't right. I think this deserves an OMG because he suffered so much with this revenge.... Seriously, poor guy.
Retribution would come, carrying Justice on her shoulders. Until then I’d wait and pretend I’d be there to catch Brooks if he really did need someone to lean on. He wouldn’t know it was a lie until he hit the floor.
I wish I had friends like the ones in the book! They are badass, they know how to pickpocket and some are even con artists. Really? How fair is that? They are by far the more entertaining and helping friends in the whole literary world!

The culprit was pretty obvious during the curse of the story but it still shocks you when you truly find him out.

Premeditated was amazing. I am going to sit somewhere and think this story over because the ending was just too much for my head. But it was kind of perfect!

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Secret Unleashed (Secret McQueen, #6) by Sierra Dean... !!!Secret Review!!!

Without a doubt the best damned book in this series so far! It was Exciting and Enthralling. Sexy and  Scary as hell. Perfect! Secret Unleashed is Crazy, with Secret facing family and the ever-present choice between a Smokin' Werewolf and a Sexy Vampire, plus throw in another ex-boyfriend/mate Werewolf wanting her back and a maniac playing doctors and you're done...
This Type of stories that manage to get to the sixth book often may get a boring and repetitive but Sierra Dean has none of that! She's unique in her way of writing so she makes every book feel special. Managing to bring us a different story in each book with lots of danger, brand new enemies and problems with a whole lot of feel. This book will for sure chance the way you see some of the character because I found myself hating some of my all time favorites.
Just when Secret thinks that having to be in hiding is bad enough, now she's being send off to L.A like a bad child after bringing down an entire apartment complex. Even though it wasn't her fault. Is she okay with that? No, but at least she was sent there with a chore: Find a vampire that everyone thinks has gone rogue and a artifact that does a lot more than anyone wants her to know. Too bad that the vampire is her father.... And that Holden is her shadow and he's making her rethink her three month celibacy choice. And in her Quest Secret is about to find out that maybe humans aren't as defenseless as they look, and one guy is about to break her.
This is what I Love about Secret, just when you think that there is nothing MORE that she can get herself into she goes and manages to get yet another person wanting to kill her. It's a part of her I learned to love... Only if she managed to close her mouth or respect someone who warns her not to do something... But if that was the case we wouldn't have such an adrenaline filled book nor that many interesting enemies wanting to take down this tiny blonde that can kick your ass in a minute...
This is the Secret we have in this book.
In Secret Unleashed she pushes her boundaries to the limits.... We all know that she has an imminent threat over her head yet she treats that as if it were nothing, but that's typical Secret. She is braver than never and she's going to go pass trough things that will shock you and that  made this book one of the hardest on her.
Can I just Say that Sig is the cutest thing ever. Before I wouldn't have even dared to call Sig cute but this book changed how I see him and now for sure I see the care and worry over Secret. and now we will know why as well. He's still hot and impossible but my viewing of him was definitely altered after I finished the book.
 I knew he cared about me in a weird, twisted way. My death would upset him. It would inconvenience him. And Sig didn’t like to be inconvenienced.
FYI I am still hoping for a Threesome relationship between Holden, Secret and Desmond... And maybe add in Lucas and wouldn't it be the coolest thing ever? Hell yes, I support it!
A heart can only be divided so many times before the pieces stop feeling anything. How many times can yours be divided?”
Is it too bad that I like Lucas and kind of wanted him to be more present in the book? I know that he leaving Secret in the alter was bad but we see his desperation over not having his mate by his side... And it makes me feel sorry for him. Besides with the mind blowing kiss that they are going to be sharing in here (Ups.) it's difficult for me to hate Lucas!
 They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. That goes quadruple for a woman stood up on her wedding day.
I am seriously not liking Desmond in this book. Sorry but he's too AWOL and always getting into Secret's vampire side. It's killing me because he used to be my number one character/choice for Secret and know I am a bit disappointed with him. I feel like the spark between Des and Secret is mainly gone. Or I just favor Holden too much.
Holden is perfect. Perfect for Secret and a perfect character overall. I literally turn into a love sick teenager when he starts talking because it's humanly impossible to resist his charms or the sexy as hell moments he will share with Secret. This book was so good for him and now I think That Secret can really see who she should choose and just be with Holden.
But it was the faint turn of a smile on his lips that hooked me. Holden had a way of taking the most terrifying situations and twisting them on their heads to distract me from the danger. Either by annoying me so intensely I wanted to murder him, or making me forget there was any risk by charming the pants off me.
 “I watched those dogs circle, watched how they treated you like a toy they could share. No one has ever been good enough for you. No one has loved you the way I’ve loved you.”
Is there a word good enough to describe this book? No, that's what I tried to do with this freakish long review but it's still not enough and it will never be, because this book is AWESOME! Yes, that's still not good enough...

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Bold Tricks (The Artist Trilogy, #3) by Karina Halle. Review + Fav Quotes + Weird Rambling...

The Artists Trilogy was always my knockout series and now that it's over I feel so sad!! I love this stories, love Javier and Ellie and even Camden... Karina Halle had to end this book with a bang and she did it!!! Bold Tricks is exactly what the tittle says. It will take all of our dear characters to their edge whilst adding some serious car chases, heavy shootings, a bit of blackmail and we will get to see Ellie in her con artist scene!!! Amazing and Mind blowing!
Yes. Yes. Yes. When I finally did the book I have to say that I kind of freaked out a tiny bit... Okay, maybe I freaked out a lot. And it may have involved some girly screaming and weird dance moves... But who can blame me! Look At this freaking cover! It's beautiful...
Is it normal that I feel slightly mad in spite of this ending? It's just that I had so many expectations for this final book and suddenly I finish it and don't feel like the end did justice to Javier and Ellie. Don't get me wrong, I loved it to bits but I think that a book that's this damaged could have had a bit more of drama in the end, not the usual boring thing...  But asides from that I could not have begged for a more perfect book!
The action here was crazy! This book has the most amazing action scenes ever. Karina Halle does an impressive job at making us feel like we are inside the book. She works with our adrenaline and slowly drives us crazy. Seriously, I don't know how many scares I caught by believing someone had died and in the end their were more than okay!!! Karina is one of the best writers for sure!
No, not again. I am seriously not liking the ending that Javier got stuck with. Nor am I happy with some of the actions taken against him. This book was so unfair for Javier and like I said in the previous review, he didn't even had a chance with Ellie because it was already set up who she was going to end up with. Even though Camden was a moody bitch the entire time.... No, this is not okay with me... He's a good guy, he just needs the right person to bring it out of him and that's Ellie, she just doesn't give him a chance. She never truly did... But moving on, Javier was the best in here... He was still dark and moody, but so sweet and with that Spanish flair that only he gets to have... You know what I mean ^.^... He's just Hot and a fantastic character that I am drooling over as I'm typing.
 Deep in his insanity, he was making some sense. That’s what I hated most about Javier, that there was always a kernel of truth to his words, a truth that made you fall for the lies.
 It wasn’t long until we came to a very high, very round building done up in pinks, oranges and blues.  
“It’s like the coliseum on Gay Pride Day,” Camden commented. 
“You would know,” Javier sniped.
Camden was not working for me... Neither his love declarations that were way to cheesy.  Seriously? I though he could do better and until the first book he fooled me, but now? No more.... I just don't see him being the right person for Ellie because he hasn't got the edge she needs to thrive... For Camden I would say that this was a pretty successful book... He was certainly more dangerous and finally could shoot and HIT the target instead of just pretending... How sweet... I thought he was very well played out throughout the book and I'm kind of impressed about how much he improved.
With the blood smeared on his face, dripping down onto the tats that teased at his neck, he was 100% man. I just wished he was 100% mine.
 He was all fire and hard angles. “I love you,” he said, his voice gruff. “And I’ll have you. Keep you. Own you. You belong to me, only to me, from now on.”
Ellie, my sweet Ellie. Sweet my ass!!!! She's an Ass kicker and I am so proud of her!! This was her best book by far! I still think that she should have proceeded as a Con Artist but oh well. This book was certainly a turning point for her because so many secrets were found. Secrets that involve her and her family that will leave you speechless. But in the end her motivation and resistance make her a five start worth girl!
 On one side of me was Camden McQueen, on the other was Javier Bernal. One more light than dark, one more dark than light. Both men had come for me. Both men had loved me. And both of them I had seriously underestimated.
 My goodness this book was HOT as HELL! You can feel the sexual tension between Ellie and Camden by far and the hot scenes? Hotter than never!
The Artist Trilogy is without a doubt in my ALL TIMES FAVORITES list and I am so sad to see their story go. So this is definitely a must read to everyone!!! It's like if you haven't read this book, you aren't in the cool kids table!! And the cool kids in this case are all the ass kickers like Ellie... Just saying ... 

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Homecoming (Cloaked Deviced, #0.5) by Cecilia Robert

It's a really short story but it's a really good one. Homecoming is awesome and in a little more than 121 pages gave us a story about love and determination that will blow your mind. Seriously, after I finished this I was going crazy because I need more of my Levian!!!

This is all about Panthers, Lions, Wolf's, Bulls and all the other animals that dominate the food chain... How cool is that? They were written so well and were downright amazing... The Growl's, the purring's, the scratching's, it was all there.

I loved that Levian at the start was this awkward teenager and now turns into a full fledge Panther and is hot as hell. Throughout the whole book you see him determined to get his mate back, and after five years he has never given up on her... That's so cute. He may be all scary and shit but he's a Sweetie.

Sera is a runaway Mate.  She's so cool. There is her whole family that are experts in finding people and she managed to dodge them for FIVE years, she's awesome! I loved as well that she kept a well hidden secret but we only get to see that in the final pages. Her character was really well written making a sweet looking girl into a storm.

Tegue was a womanizer and he annoyed the hell out of me in the first few pages, but then he actually showed he cared and I started to like him. He was a really good addition to this "threesome" and the story with him was amazing.

Homecoming is definitely a good book to read and enjoy and It's the start of a new series that I am sure will blow our minds as well.

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Shards of Us by K.R. Caverly... Confused Review?

Can I just start by saying that I am very confused about this? I don't know whether to love it or hate it... I'm just lost. This book can be stupid one second and deceiving the next, so it's really hard to say anything for sure ... I'm at loss for words. Shards of Us really is unique. Let me tell you that you have NO BOOK that will equal this. It will seriously make you go bonkers...


 Right from the start we meet this two characters: Sebastian (Not his real name) and Crystal (Her name is quite annoying to me, I don't know why...). So you have an instant curiosity to see why they are meeting at an hotel and why they rent a room but then don't really do anything asides talking and sleeping... Seems unusual. And then when you learn their three rules:

1- No Sex
2- No personal Question
3- No leaving the room until morning

And you go even more crazy wanting answers... Seriously? Then one day Angel (AKA: Crystal) breaks rule number three and their normal routine breaks and she's suddenly thrown into a world where she will have to learn how to survive.
I'm his diamond.  
His angel.  
And he's my savior.
Badass start right? YES. Too bad that from that moment on it starts to go downhill. Then the story is predictable... Sebastian has a secret, that everybody with the minimal brain capacity can figure out. His secret involves two people that it's just too dam easy to find out who they are.  And he's suddenly being chased down by some really mean men because of something he did... Well duh... Drug Cartel... And he seems to want Crystal to be locked up for her "safety" even though if there was a fire she wouldn't have a way to get out of the house and she would die, or if the bad guys got there and Sebastian didn't surprisingly showed up... Guess what? Yeah, she would die as well.

Okay normally I really like bad guys with the regret issue and all, but Sebastian really was Annoying. He took any chance to make a love declaration in every page... It was boring. "Angel, you are here to save me. Angel, I am no good for you. Angel, don't fall in love with me. Angel, I won't destroy you"... And then guess what happens? He's a liar... Shocker. Right after he's saying all of that Repeatedly he goes and sleeps with her... Oh boy. He was just always complaining... How can anybody like a guy like that? His character didn't do anything for the book... And what's with the bowtie? In the middle of a fight I'm am pretty dam sure the bowties must be SO comfortable... NOT.
"Who are you, Sebastian?"  
He pushes me away, ever so gently. "I'm no one. I'm the man you can never want." Sebastian turns away at that and heads to the door, shaking his head back and forth and back and forth. "You don't want me, angel," he repeats quietly. "Trust me on that."
Crystal was flat out an idiot. In the start she's a victim and I think that she's going to be interesting.... but then she screws me over. And then when I am about to forgive her for falling in love with someone who keeps her locked up she goes and disappoints me again... And in the end? When I am loving her for doing all that she should do, she goes and fucks me over again... Seriously? Not cool Crystal...

Marcus was the only thing that gave me hope in the characters... The Drug Lord... Yes, he was the best thing in here by far... So forgive me if I threw the book on the floor and then at the wall, after the ending he got.  So not fair... He should have succeeded!!!
"I will teach you. But I should have you know"--he moves his face closer to mine, so his mouth is right on my cheek, and I feel his hot breath on my lips--"I am here to control you. Sebastian wants to save you, but I don't think you need to be saved, Crystal. I think you need to be broken, to feel everything, and I want to be the one to break you. Sebastian wants to love you. I want to own you.
So you ask me... What did you liked about this book? Hum... the story was really well played out and even thought most of the things were predictable it was still pretty darn good. Definitely a book worth reading but without any major expectations... And the cover is AMAZING!!!

Shards Of Us is like when you have a relationship and the only way to explain it to people is using the word complicated... So it's definitely LOVE/HATE book.

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White Trash Damaged (White Trash, #2) by Teresa Mummert Review + Quotes

YES! A Full Out, Mind blowing, Earthshattering YES! White Trash Damaged is just amazing... We have our Damaged guys going wild and our girl stronger than never... Seriously this was far better than White Trash Beautiful.
I've seen that many people have loads of mixed felling's about these books, but I don't understand why... The White Trash series are spectacular, the story is heart breaking and the characters are perfectly combined, this is a book definitely worth re-reading. I personally fell instantly in love with Cass's "Cinderella" story which had a much darker side to it...
This book starts us off right where it was left off, with Cass and Tucker handling their new relationship and their loss together. But it instantly adds pressure due to Cass going with Tucker and the band on their Tour... which she's a bit afraid over the fear of guys not accepting her.
I say this is the rockiest book in the series so far. Right from the start we see fights and tension and disrespect. It's surreal. The book really was a test to Cass and Tucker's relationship. Now that Damaged are hitting it big time, there are more fans, more GIRLS willing to do anything to be with Tucker and it's crazy... It's going to be hard on Cass. It also shows us a LOT more on the life of the other Band members like the twins and even Eric, it tell us their stories and brings us much closer to the guys who seemed quite off in the previous book.
I love Eric. He is such an important character in this book and in the start I was like: Hell no, I don't like that kid... But know I swallowed my words because he rocks! We will get to hear about his whole story, his grudge with Tucker and his complicated love life... and I loved to meet him because we see a side of him that is interesting and that actually cares and isn't mean or makes him look like an asshole... Seriously, Teresa couldn't have done a better job writing Eric and making us care about him!
“Not hard at all.” He spun around and smiled at them. 
“That’s what she said.” 
Eric doubled over laughing, causing everyone to turn in our direction. “She would never say that. Seriously, you suck at this.” His face was red as tears filled his eyes from laughing so hard.

The Twins are just as crazy as their always been. I wouldn't mind with a bit more participation from them in the book, because sometimes they didn't appeared nearly as much and I kind of missed them and their crazy ways. But oh well.
“How’s it going?” I asked as I watched a petite blonde blot Terry’s cheek with makeup.  
“They’re making us bitches, Cass,” Chris whined, and I snorted as the woman gave him a glare.
Man, Cass and Tucker are even more complicated then never. If you think these two don't know what jealousy is you better be prepared because the book if filled with intense fighting and jealousy outbreaks... This is a rocky road for them by having to adjust sharing Tucker with millions of people and sharing Cass with the band members. It's crazy for them but it's going to be sweet and it's going to make their love even stronger. I just didn't appreciated one thing...  They didn't have any alone time until the end of the book.... Where are the steamy sessions these two had in book one?
And there was no place for jealousy in our future together. Easier said than done when you’re dating a rock star.
Cass is so much stronger. She really grew as a character to a girl who is unafraid to find something to fight for, who finally has a purpose in life. And I like her so much more for it now.
Tucker is a psycho... He's hot and all but he will go a bit bonkers in here.... And there were times I wanted to threw him over the bus but I guess that's part of liking a character... You just never know what you are going to get...
Donna is the new band manager.... Can you believe it? A new girl in the bus... Too bad she is a bitch... But I kind of like her, it will take me another book to actually make me pay attention to her but I think she's got skills.
White Trash Damaged isn't just a book, it's a life lesson. It's beautiful and daunting and it's all about trust. Seriously how can this book not be worldwide famous by now?

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Torn (Connections, #2) by Kim Karr Review

Kim Karr showed us in the previous book and it wowed me that she created the best, most personal moments filled with magic, all because she really knows how to pick the right songs to every kind of emotion.  And in Torn it's no different, it's still special and it's still fucking amazing! I would totally love to have this author playlist!

After many desperate months awaiting for the next book in the Connection series it's finally here, and I finished it with a bittersweet feeling. I loved it because it was just perfect and it had all that I wanted to really happen, but at the same time it made me go bonkers at every character.

Dahl is so awesome. From the start she was portrayed as the girl who lost her family, who lost her boyfriend and basically had nothing left. But then she put on a brave face and put herself back together which was when she met River. And then it showed us how she moved pass the loss of her boyfriend and learned to relay on River for her future. Connected spun around that concept and left us with a cliffhanger, but now it will develop much more!

Torn gave me the shills... It was that good!!!

Ben is alive.... Pause for gasp and or short breathing.... Hell's yes, I was dead when the last pages announced this bomb in Connected, but now? Fuck no Ben, go home!!! You dickhead. It was as his whole purpose was to screw with everyone's mind, and hurt River. NOBODY HURTS RIVER!!!  I liked that whole complexity that it gave to the story but he really messed with my patience. He was beyond mean!
 Needing some air, I roll down the window and hear Ben yell, “You filled a void when I wasn’t here, but you’re no substitute for the real thing.”
 Dahlia is so much stronger and much surer of what she wants and how she wants it, that she's so much pleasant to read about. Seriously, I cannot get sick of her. It's as if she's always making the right decisions and even if you don't agree with her you have to love her and support her because she's that nice and cute. A character like her it's really hard to find, someone that motivates you and inspires you...
 “Mine always,” he whispers, nipping my earlobe with his teeth.  
“Yours forever,” I breathe, burying my head in his neck.
Jealousy alert? River is a mad dog in here. Seriously, he will trash about everything he will get his hand on. But that's good because it's nice to hear him go bonkers over Dahl. Its hot. And it shows us just how much he cares...  Who doesn't like Rock Stars for eff's sake! I know I love them and River is one of the best ones out there! The songs he has in this book, the lyrics are perfect... Swoon worthy really...

Dahl and River are hot, hot, hot! It's as if they have a need to prove their feelings by consuming each other and leaving US readers breathless... But they are going to have so many obstacles that they will have to go trough, because secrets will blow up and there will be fears and people putting them self between them. So it will be complicated for these two... But they are made for each other.... It was love at first sight....
 “You left me a fucking note that you were going to see the man you spent your whole life with. The man you left me for the first time we met. The man whose ghost I have had to compete with every day of our lives together.”
 Gracie and Xander are definitely my favorites... They were so needed as confidents or just as friends... Even though one of them is going to have a sad end I loved their participation on the book and without them it wouldn't be half as good.

Torn is just the killer book we needed to start the month... It's strong and precise, and it's heartbreaking and wild. Kim Karr created a story that revolved around the power of music and love and that showed anyone who does not believe in true love that sometimes it's possible. And when it happens, it's beautiful....

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Until it Hurts to Stop by Jennifer R. Hubbard

I don't know how to express my experience with this book because it didn't really worked out for me. It was too annoying sometimes, with nothing going on and the characters seemed lost. They changed their mind time after time, and their personalities weren't the best. Don't get me wrong, this book is great about talking about bullying and what it does to a young person but it could have been written with a bit more of Wit. Too bad, I had really high expectations...
Maggie was a bullying victim. She is quite well written because you can read and feel all about her experience with the worse types of bullying, the name-calling, the hitting and the laughing... It's all there and it all left a mark on her. You can see her as this shy girl who's very insecure about herself right until the end, it's like there is no evolution... But I liked that when she hiked you got a brand new Maggie, a more interesting one who wasn't afraid. As for personality she was quite selfish and annoying and sometimes even forgetting that other people DID have a life besides her own... That bothered me a lot.
Nick was blah... He was good as a supporter and friend. But other wise? Bland. Nice, and that's all.
It was quite obvious that these two liked each other, but oh well. And since no one decided to bring that up until the last pages I am an not going to address it either.
The "best friends" were really mediocre and could have been far better if they would been more developed... Like Louis and Sylvie... They could be great characters and really elevate the book!
To all the bullies out there! Suck it!
Generally? I liked the book but didn't wowed me. It's a good book especially targeted to bullying that will get you thinking and make you want to help and act against those people, but asides from that.... Normal.

quinta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2013

Countdown by Michelle Rowen

4... 3.... 2.... 1.... “Congratulations, Rogan and Kira, on successfully completing level one of Countdown.”
I was fearing that this book would be bland... Countdown at first seemed too normal, too "Been there, done that" But no! The book has a bunch of types in it: It has the countdown and the vibe of SAW, mixed with the games of Hunger Games and the feel of The tournament, all together in a cybernetic game with robots... But Michelle Rowen still managed to keep it original with a hot, deceiving girl who grew up on the streets and a guy fighting for revenge who once had it all. This is good stuff!
I freaking loved this. This is YA meets dystopian, meets fighting to the death. It's accelerating. It's exiting. It's romantic. And it will make you want to pull your hair out countless times... But most of the time it will fill you with adrenaline, because all the fighting scenes, all the Countdown levels are so well written that it feels like you are inside the book. Michelle Rowen really did an amazing job creating this world and writing it in a way that even I want to be in it.
“I thought you’d leave me to die.” 
“You still think we would have died if we stayed in there.”  
He nodded. “The grinding noise was the ceiling slamming down on the floor. I’m just guessing that might have killed us on contact.”  
I stared at him blankly.
The Colony is the place where everyone could have a fresh start. After their city was struck with the plague, the kids have stopped coming out to play, everyone is living a monotonous life and misery rules the streets. So The Colony is place far away where the corruption hasn't reached, where the depression hasn't had a way to infiltrate. It's the perfect place. And Kira wants in.  I loved that Kira being a street kid had a goal to reach, inside the game and out of it. The Colony was very originally mixed into this book, adding some kind of "Reward" if they managed to complete the Countdown...
Kira Jordan is a thief, a lost girl. She lost her parents whilst she was young and since then she's been on her own. Who said a sixteen year old couldn't be a badass was totally wrong!!... Kira is the best. She has the basic knowledge of survival after all these years of taking care of herself. I thought that she was a  fantastic character because she kept us entertained. Just when I thought she couldn't pull something off, there she went and blew my mind. She's smart, she's quick and she's tough. And she will have you cheering for her in an instant, because Kira is the type of character that creates and empathy and makes everyone like her no matter what!
“Be very careful, little girl,” he growled. “Very careful. Some secrets can kill faster than any level in this game.”
Us girls always like a guy with scars. I don't know why, we just do. Rogan Ellis is definitely a NO TOUTCH, DON'T LOOK guy. Right from the start he seems a very dangerous guy. Nice, but dangerous. He's introduced as an assassin, who killed nine girls  and volunteered into the game to get out of jail... But I think that nobody is dumb enough to believe that... But throughout the game we get to see the real Rogan and I'm loving it!!! He's kind and sweet, dark and broody. And he's hot. But don't think I liked him only because of his looks. Yeah, looks are deceiving. He will keep a secret right until the very end, a secret that will sure make you rethink the whole book once you know it.
“Maybe not. You’re not all that nice.” It sounded as if he was smiling now. Was he mocking me? 
“I’m not all that nice?” I repeated.  
“Is this a surprise to you? Do you normally charm the pants off the boys you meet? Because you’re failing big-time with me.”
This book is filled with secrets and sharpened with killing games of strength, trust and smartness... One mistake and these characters could die in a second. Kira and Rogan as a team were perfect and even tough they were thrown at each others throats quite often, they never gave up.  Yes, they started to like each other but this book is not just focused on that. I even think that there weren't enough scenes with these two for my taste.... If you know what I mean!!!
If you think you seen edgy robots, you certainly haven't seen this ones. Man, they were smart as hell... And definitely added an even scarier vide to this story. I think they will surprise many people, like they did with me...
“Humans and their weapons,” he mused. “So violent. So bloody.” He smiled. “And yet, so very entertaining.”
Countdown will make your adrenaline levels boil, whilst throwing in a sweet vive of love in the middle. It's the ultimate book by Michelle Rowen that will win you over in an instant....

quarta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2013

Tears of Tess (Tears of Tess, #1) by Pepper Winters... Holy hell...

Everybody's got a dark side, and this story will appeal to yours instantly. Pepper Winters wrote a twisted book filled with raw passion and crazy needs, and all of those will call to you. They will make you hot and bothered, whilst revolted and angry. You will love it and Hate it. But in the end everyone will understand why sometimes darkness is the only thing that can set you free.
Holy hell. What the heck did I just read? It's fantastic, it's depressing and it's hot as hell. It's all those things amplified and thrown at your face while you're reading it.
 In a way, he taught me how to save myself, even as he broke me further.
Tess is enjoying her week in Cancun with her beloved boyfriend when all of the sudden she's thrown into the world of sex slavery and human traffic. She's desperate and soon... she is sold. These three words forever change her and make her determined to make it, to survive and to go back to her old life. A life that never accepted her. But with her new master making her way into her heart each time, with his kindness and deviousness Tess is finding leaving that place much harder than it should be.
This is book isn't for everyone. In fact I think that many people would not understand the need that Tess and Q share because it's not your normal day-to-day love. It's of a more profound love, one more deeper. They are very intense with each other. One needs submission to keep the monster caged, and the other needs dominance to be free. They are alike, and they find solace in each other. Their relationship is so well written and it will have so many bumps along the way, that will make you roll your eyes countless times but it will also make you go: AWW in the end... And people, this book is filled with sexual tension.... Just a warning...
 “What will you do with me?” My voice was barely a whisper. 
“That is none of your concern.” 
“You don’t think my future is any of my concern?”  
“No. Because your future is mine.”  
I breathed hard at the unfairness.
 She was too much for a boy. She needed a man with a demon inside.

Tess from the start is a woman that appears to have a picture-perfect-life. A steady sweet boyfriend that will do anything for her. But she's also hiding something. Tess wants more from Brax, she wants passion, she wants pain, but she knows that if she asks him that their relationship may end. So she's willing to tame that part of her and be what he wants, normal. But then she's given a man that appeals to the monster inside of her and she starts to want more and more each time.  Tess is definitely something else, as a character she's the best you can get.  She's strong and she will not be broken. I loved that she didn't give up, even tough she was kidnapped and sold, even though everything she was experiencing terrorized her. Tess is a massive fighter that is bound to drive you crazy!
 I couldn’t be sucked into depression and give up. I would never give up. I would fight until I died; I’d teach the kidnappers they stole the wrong girl if they wanted meek and broken.
  She was too much for a boy. She needed a man with a demon inside.

Q is hot! He's a character that you can't help but want to help him, to tame him. He doesn't  allow himself love because he's afraid to break someone and turn into a monster like his father, a man that bought girls and used them as he pleased, hurt them and worse. He's constantly desperate to flee from that side of him that wants to take over. It's a non-stop fight throughout the whole book, and he will let that side slip once or twice  but he always bounces back.  From the start he appears as a new master, someone to be hated. But as soon as he sees Tess he can't help it but show her emotions he kept buried. He starts being sweet one moment and cold the next.  He always manages to make us hate him and then love him back again. He definitely is a Mood swinger... But I loved him and his colorful suits anyways...   He's impossible and so frustrating, but he's one of the characters that I felt like it was real and true. Q is a amazing... 
 He was my home. My master. My new life.
 Q muttered, “Tu ne peut pas être la mienne, mais je suis en train de devenir le vôtre.”
( “You may not be mine, but I’m fast becoming yours.”)

Brax is BOOOOOO! I didn't liked him from the start and never liked him until the end... If he really loved Tess like he said he would have accepted her and her darkest thoughts... So it's a BOOOOOO for him.... And he's Blonde... Who the hell likes blondes anyways?
Tears of Tess is a book that will make you crave more! That will take you into this characters life's and make you fall for them, accept them for their mistakes and actions! Pepper Winters is now officially one of the best writers in my list! And I can't wait for the next book, like NOW!