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Simple Perfection (Perfection, #2) by Abbi Glines. !LOVE!


So many thoughts in my head! So many emotions! I seriously cried so badly, my eyes are still red.  I don't know if I should be laughing over how darn cute and stubbornly perfect this was or crying over the heartbreak I am experiencing due to some pretty nasty things that will happen... I don't know. But one thing I know...And that thing is that Simple Perfection is one of the best books out there and it surprised the shit out of me!
“You’re my all-in, Della. I’ll throw it all away for you. I just want you. I’m all in, baby. This life with you, I’m planning on us.”

I couldn't wait anymore for this story to come to me! I was desperate after the way things ended in Twisted Perfection, with Woods Dad dying (bomb!) in the last pages and then leaving us for months to wait for the next chapter... We didn't know what was going to happen and how it was going to affect Woods. And now, I finally finished this mind tease!

Woods has a country-club to manage now that his father is gone but is mother is refusing to accept his son as the boss because he isn't giving in to her demands and leave Della. But Woods is committed to make Della a permanent stamp on his life and he will fight anyone who defies him on that matter. But what happens if mistakes are made? If things are said and can't be unsaid? And a fragile girl decides she's done being a burden and goes her own way? Is their love enough to keep them together?
My mother needed to stop acting like a child. I was all she had left. It was time she accepted Della in my life, because I was getting a ring on her finger as soon as I could convince her of it. I knew Della well enough to know that it wouldn’t be easy to get her to marry me.
When I started reading this book I had the same feeling like when I go see a suspense movie. Abbi Glines It always gets my heart rate pumping with her books.

Simple perfection was all that the tittle says it is. It's a simply perfect book. The writing is clean, fast and easy but the truer story is so complex and intricate, with detailed characters we love from the first page. I personally thought that this book was the most intense in all the Rosemary Beach series, because there will be so many secrets unrevealed, so many side stories going on at the same time and the loss of a fantastic character that I loved. This book is sad in a way but also filled with happy moments of the characters we crave to know about.

With Woods’s arms wrapped around me and the beat of his heart pressed against my chest, I knew he would hold me steady. If I ever fell, I’d have him to catch me. 
Woods and Della are much more intense now. They are basically desperately needing one another, like the more you get the more you crave and it will overpower most of the book. But it's a good thing because now both of them have things to run away. Woods doesn't want to face his father's death or his future and Della is still running from her past. These two will go trough a lot, they will fight, they will run away but they never give up. And that's something that made me to fall in love with their story in the first place.
Most people can’t overcome something like what you’ve overcome. Don’t ever think you’re less than amazing.”  
A small smile tugged at the corners of her lips. “You just love me,” she said. 
“More than life,” I replied before pressing my lips to hers.

Woods has some serious responsibility now and you always get the side of him that won't let the club down and the side that's trying to keep Della's monsters at bay. I think that's sweet. Woods has always been my nº1 guy, so seeing him finally stepping up, taking control of the club and letting Della find her own path it makes me proud.

Della is fantastic. From the first day I didn't believed her and now I regret it! She's so damn strong and she will discover so many bad/good things about herself in here, she will find her past and fight it off and she will finally accept herself. It was an important book for her. And she showed such courage that I sort of have a crush on her now....

Yes! Rush. Blaire. NATE! will be in here! All of them, all sweet and happy and perfect!
Nate was Rush and Blaire’s baby boy. He was an adorable mixture of the two of them. I didn’t normally think guys with piercings and that rough rock star look were attractive, but Rush Finlay holding a baby in his arms was very nice to look at.

Tripp will surprise us! As usual! He has always been a much better guy than he gives himself credit for, and now we kind of know why he's so afraid to go back to Rosemary. We will finally find his fear. And it makes me much eager for the day when his own book will come out, because I need a story dedicated to him. Like NOW.

Abbi Glines and her Rosemary Beach Series are my life saver. Whenever I need to recover from a bad book, I just open a page of any of her books and TADUMMM, I am happy again. Seriously, this books are legendary!

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Through The Zombie Glass (White Rabbit Chronicles, #2) by Gena Showalter... Epic!

Through the Zombie Glass brings us once more the zombie action we all been craving for. It has the usual uniqueness by Gena Showalter with a loads of surprised and a hint of romance. Alice in Zombieland is nothing compared to the twists and turns, action fights and love quarrels this books has, it's like it was written especially to get our blood pumping.  IS anyone loving this cover? Because I am, even thought the girl looks a bit wrong...
If you thing this story about Ali, Zombies and the badass guys couldn't get any better, get ready to be surprised. The other book left a lot of thing unresolved, a lot of relationships bittersweet and the zombies waiting for the right time to attack and destroy, but this story solves it all. It kind of has an happy ending, or as happy as you can get with Zombies running around, and I normally in a zombie book hate a happy ending but oddly this one thrilled me. I loved this book so bad that I couldn't let it go.
Ali is so much more stronger now and she has to be because this book was HARD on her. Now she will have to fight an evil "twin" or her zombie side, and it's not going to be pretty. All the things that she will have to go through will defy all she loves and put everyone at risk. She's a liability in here, and I kind of hated/loved that because I really love her character and I don't want anything bad to happen to her but it was kind of awesome.  The story is so well put together and this is such a well-written character that you can feel her pain and sadness, and that's why I think that many people like Ali. She's tough and hard, determined and sweet,  but when she loves someone she loves fiercely and you can tell and feel it throughout Gena's words.
Maybe it was time to bring back my original to-do list, version two, but with a slight tweak. Find a way to disable the zombie inside me. Kill the zombie inside me. Addendum: even if I have to die, too.
This book has the most amount of hardcore relationships I've ever seen. It's breakup after a breakup and it drove me crazy.
Kat and Frosty were always a couple that I had to laugh about because they are crazy about each other, yet they are always arguing. And it's funny!!! And now they will fight even more, make us laugh even more but they will also realize that they cannot live without each other!  How cute are they???? 
First, I told Frosty no, but then he said, ‘Would I ever put you at risk, woman?’ And I said, ‘How would I know? You’ve been living a double life since we started dating.’ And he said, ‘You want me to apologize again, don’t you?’ And I said, ‘Every day for the rest of your life.’ He had the nerve to laugh as if I was joking.”
Emma and Bronx were always the passionate ones, the ones that couldn't live without one another but never actually admitted. Another crazy factor!! But this book was also really hard on them, because a lot of the story will involve them and it will put them apart. So you have to see it to believe it!!
The love square. Yes, a love square! Remember the cute visions Ali used to have with Cole? They will happen with someone else. And it's not going to be pretty, because that someone is Gavin and he is hot as hell! So, it you thought the testosterone level was high before, try reading this book now. And the sexual tension? My, my you better have a oxygen mask ready....
“Hey, Cole,” Gavin called from the kitchen. “You staying for dinner?” 
Cole would have seen his car in the driveway and known Gavin was here, but still his back went iron-bar straight at the sound of the other guy’s voice. “Are you the chef?” 
“I am.”  
Cole marched forward and settled into a bar stool as if he owned it. “Good. I’m starved.”  
This could not be happening. 
“We’ve got the stuff for enchiladas or roast beef sandwiches,” Gavin said, glancing at me. 
“Enchiladas,” Cole replied.  
“Sandwiches it is, then,” Gavin said.  
Cole offered him a chilling smile.
Nana rules! She's definitely one of the best characters that also offers support to everyone and always ends up forgotten, so I feel like she should be given more value and presence in the book. But this granny is hardcore!
The graphic descriptions of the zombies will please anyone who enjoys a good horror scene which was a plus for me!!!!
Through the Zombie Glass is one of the best books of the year. It's thrilling and fast and it will make you blood boil, with scientists and their crazy ideas, a loads of lies and a bit of jealousy and even more dangerous fighting's. Now put that together with a bunch of hot boys and crazy girls and you have a mental book that you will adore!

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In The Shadows (Lark, #2) Erica Cope... Elf's Rule!!!!


I literally just finished the first book and had to dive into the second one straight away! I mean, look at this beautiful cover!!  Erica Cope did it once again to blow my mind with this novel. It was just as mysterious and enchanting as Lark but even more passionate and rowdy, so it was far better. I finished it in three hours just because it's impossible to put the book down.
If you expected the story to turn complicated, I bet you weren't expecting to become this much. You get to see so much development in all the characters and of the story as well, they all become more refined, more polished and dangerous. When before you had a good YA, now you have an Excellent YA!
This drives me crazy, the love trio. But I secretly love it. In the Shadows shows us the new side of this three people. A new side of Grey, Jacoby and Mia, where they are way more confused about each other and you get to presence much more indecisiveness by Mia, because she knows she loves Grey but a future with him is impossible and with Jacoby she can see a future but the feelings aren't as strong as they should be. Whilst in Lark, they were all trying to get used to this trio so it didn't really made a difference.   OMG, It drove me mad this constant bickering between Jacoby and Grey, but a "good" type of mad because it added so much tension to the book that you could feel it in the air. So it was funny!
I was hoping the two of them were past all of this - they rarely speak, but it's still a vast improvement over the constant 'my penis is bigger than yours' crap they've pulled before.
You want to know what I had the feeling was going to happen but didn't want it to become true? A certain Breakup.... I AM SO SAD......
"You sure do know the way to a girl's heart," I laugh.
"Yours is the only heart I ever want to make a home in." he whispers, uncharacteristically serious and with a penetrating look in his emerald green eyes that causes my breath to catch in my chest.
Mia is so much stronger and independent that in the first book, but she also carries the guilt of having killed a boy. So there is a slightly melancholic side to her as well, but it quickly fades into perseverance to save her family and friends from Dugan. There are way more challenges in In The Shadows for her to face alone and where she will have to make risky decisions that will cost her everything she knows, but I think that she overall did them quite well even though she may be in trouble...
Isobel is for sure one of my favorite characters because she is funny and she's always happy, that it adds a "light" feeling to the book. Though in here she will be more in the spotlight and she will be used by the bad guys, so throughout the story she doesn't get only happy things. But she's a great character that I didn't even liked that much in Lark, but now? I love her! I think the she's been a supporting friend for Mia in her decisions and helping her blending in with the Elf's and acting as their princess.
There is a bad guy that will drive you crazy. I had a feeling that he was going to be the one screwing everyone and I hit the jackpot because it was him, but even though I had a feeling it was so awesomely written that I did stopped distrusting him and started blaming someone else for a while. I admit that I was fooled. Erica Cope did good!  
The Dark Elf's don't have that much of an appearance what really bummed me out, but their presence was felt with all of the damages they made all throughout the book... Badass bad guys they are! And there is new Efl's!!!!! Shadow Elf's..... How cool is that? Super cool.
Prepare yourself for changes, because this book is dramatically good. Erica Cope is an excellent writer who should be having way more attention with these novels, so if you read these books share your thoughts with the world and invite people to enter this addicting world.

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Broken Beauty (Broken Beauty Novellas, #1) by Chloe Adams

Broken Beauty is not a book of everybody's choice. Chloe Adams wrote a impressive story that shocks you, that portrays horror and angst and makes you feel sick to your stomach, but at the same time that brings a message of strength to everyone who needs it. I need chocolate right now...

It is a small book with a story that will be divided into six novellas, and I think that it will be very frustrating to all of us readers that want justice to wait. Especially waiting with this big cliff-hanger!!!!

Her father was a tool. Mia is the child of a politician that cares about nothing else but his career, that even after his daughter gets raped, still holds on to the idea of using that act to his advantage in elections... I mean, what kind of father is this? He was selfish, disgusting and so cold. I hated him, I completely felt revolted by this man who couldn't even dignified himself to go visit his daughter to the hospital, and even saying that the rape was all her fault. I never felt this bad about a character in a book before and I seriously hope that he gets a very bad ending!!!!
"Daddy, why didn't you come see me at the hospital?" My voice carries a tremor of emotion in it, one I hope I could prevent.
"Mia, dear, you know I would have if I had the time. Your press conference did wonders for my polls this week. Did Shea tell you?"
 I shake my head and look down.
 "You've become Daddy's-little-helper," he says with a chuckle.
 I'm  glad someone can laugh off my rape.

Mia knows she isn't the poster child for perfection so she's tired of trying. Mia was a troubled girl from the beginning, being sort of "spoiled" and even frivolous, but after THAT happens to her you immediately get a new side to her. You see The girl who wants love from her father or from anyone because she never truly felt loved. You get The girl that will be revolted and scared but will defy all that she was taught to believe in to stand up for herself. She goes from scared little mouse into a strong girl. I loved her.
I wanted that Dom and Keasha had more presence in the story, but mainly Dom because I know that he will be a great supporter and guardian of Mia. And possible romance?  They were both characters that I really loved to see and probably the only two honest people on the whole book! Just saying...
"Anything I can do for you?" Dom asks.
"Just don't leave."
"I won't," he says. "You play sports, Mia?"
 I focus on the sound of his voice, which is low, calm and warm. He sounds calm, like Grandpa, and looks like Cory. I don't feel scared around him.
Sadly this is a problem that happens a lot more than it should and the book described it so accurately that it only makes it more real and scarier and it made me so mad! The writing is addictive and fast.  The story was heartfelt, sorrowful and amazing and it made the whole book a wakeup call for our priorities.

Arc copy provided by Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Lark (Lark, #1) by Erica Cope. !!!Reviewing with YA!!!!

Erica Cope is now between my YA favorite writers with this new and exciting novel, that is sure to bedazzle who dares to read it. All that an awesome YA needs this book has. A female lead that will sure drive you crazy, two boys fighting off her attention, some emotional paranormal business and a whole bunch of teenage drama.  How could I ask for more?
After reading a whole bunch of Urban fantasy and New Adult I realized that after all that heavy drama I needed something more calmer so I decided to go back to my roots. After all, YA was what made me love books as much as I do now. And Lark was not a disappointment! It was refreshing and exciting, with a bunch of ´superb bad guys and really a cool heroine. (And the boys were not bad. Not bad at all.)
Sometimes I wonder why my life couldn't be this exciting when I went to high school. Why there were no Elf's or some other creatures appearing and telling me some good gossip and well-kept secrets. It isn't fair. And worst of all? There were not as many cute guys in my school as there is in this books!  Humph...
Mia is this super interesting girl that I loved from the first page. She was quick with her words and her love for all things-books made this instant connection between me and her. One thing that I absolutely loved was that this nerd was a CHEERLEADER! Yeah, you hear me! She cheered at football games and read as much books as she could at night. Mysterious if you ask me! Mia wasn't a drama queen so when she found out her father was the King of the Elf's I think I would have freaked out but she remained cool and collected tough a bit reluctant, which was funny to read and picture.  Some of her actions were really naïve but she is a seventeen-year-old anyway. (Though I wanted to slap her when she didn't realized WHY the boys were fighting each other! Well, duhh!)
I found myself giggling so much over of the boys that I even annoyed myself. Grey and Jacoby are swoon worthy guys that will quickly grab onto your attention. Grey was the calm one, always predicting his actions and thinking about results whilst Jacoby, was impulsive and spontaneous and downright yummy. Grey was practically Mia's guardian and her forbidden love whilst Jacoby was her friend and confider. Come on? Everyone knows who is going to win this fight in the first book! But things can still change.... Though I hope not. They are so different yet they have much in common, like their need to protect Mia and love her. It's interesting to see this different characters unite themselves in order to defend what they love. It's cute.
I realize that Jacoby is damaged. That there is a darkness about him that I know should frighten me, but I think there is something else. Something that makes me believe him, against all reason when I know I probably shouldn’t.
 I don't know what I was thinking, bringing you out here, kissing you. I never meant for any of it to happen.” He pauses for just a moment, then he continues, “No, that's not true. I knew exactly what I was doing, but that doesn't justify my actions. I wanted to. I had to kiss you at least once before he swept you off your feet and I lost the chance.” - Grey
Alberico was amazing and the focus of many jokes about his age. A guy that is 300-and-something years old but looks in his mid-twenties, really is something to laugh at. Poor guy... But I loved him as her father and even though I thought that he didn't have a whole lot of highlighted time in the story he played a very important role that really stood out! He was just and calm, with a twinkle in his eyes...
Suddenly, something clicks.  
Not possible.  
But after everything else that has happened today, it probably is.               
Oh gross. I just called my dad hot.
Brian and Ethan.... Total Dickheads! But the role they played was so awesome that I nearly forgave them... NEARLY!!! Seriously, they were the perfect brand of bad guys... And besides, they looked straight out of a horror movie and acted moodier than a teenage girl.
What can I say more? Other than the writing was fast and had always something to keep you entertained... The scenes were played and described beautifully to create the alternate world of the Elf's. And the atmosphere of the  beautiful gowns and enchanting Dances were fantastic. Erica Cope really presented to us a world that will keep you entertained with your imagination for days....

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Charming (Pax Arcana, #1) by Elliott James

The moment I saw this on Netgalley I had to get my hands on this arc copy even if I had to beg (I didn't but I totally would...). A Half-Werewolf Half-Human, badass John Charming? Oh, Hells yes! A bar and mythical creatures? Nasty Vampires? A Valkyrie Blonde Bombshell ? That's my dreamland Book, it's what I daydream about! And I am completely smitten to it.
Elliott James just took the classic prince charming and happily ever after story and made it BADASS! OMG I can't get enough of the story or the characters because they are all so special and weird! Yes, they are a bunch of misfits that I totally loved to read about.
There is not one moment that I found dull or boring because this was full of jokes, awkward situations and lots of sarcasm. The chemistry between Charming and Sig is off the hook due to their similar personalities, so they will clash and fight during the whole book! But it's an adorable
This book is all for the urban fantasy lovers. With some pretty heroic tales, nasty ugly vampires, werewolf's, fae's and everything that hunts at night. But with some highly forgotten creatures as well, like Valkyrie's and Naga's which I though was awesome!
Sorry to say but the usual prince charming is awful and just annoying, where the guy is perfect all the time and really has nothing going on inside his head... But John Charming is so different because he's C.S.I smart and has many (Adorable) flaws that will slowly drive you mad!  He was a flawed character that had a really sad and dangerous background story, what really did gave him realism and a increased his cocky attitude. John was a trained badass that could fight with any weapon, seriously anything... But sometimes his perfection really did become quite annoying, but then you just have to think of his face and eventually it went away... You will not get enough of this nerd, I tell you that!
Sig being described as this perfect bombshell with long blonde hair and perfect body made me though that she would become boring eventually, but she surprised the Hell out of me! She's smart, she's cunning and she's dangerous and at the same time she's so lovable and cute! She's the perfect female character that makes tremendous mistakes but you love her so much that you just forgive and forget. I couldn't get enough of Sig because she is not afraid to speak her mind but yet she's afraid to breakup with her boyfriend (Complete Tool) and I kind of condemned her for it for a while but then all was well... But overall this girl impressed the shit out of me!
Molly is like a really nerdy, lost and kind of crazy character and also my ultimate favorite. No one can beat Molly's uniqueness and she really was an important addition to the book, because it brought the story to life and added some really funny scenes!
Dvornik (Sig's boyfriend) was a douchebag and I was waiting for the time someone was going to kill that sucker for me! And someone did it... Muhahahah....
The vampires were really portrayed as your nightmares, with limp greasy hair and greyish skin that will disgust you in an instant. I loved that, because vampires are supposed to be awful and this ones were rocking the look!
Charming was surprisingly good with many twists and turns and funny moments that will make you surrender to this new series instantly by Elliott James.
*Arc copy kindly provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest Review*

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Unspoken (Woodlands, #2) by Jen Frederick

No, I did not read Undeclared but I am so going to right now because Unspoken really did blew my  mind.  Unspoken is the hottest, sweetest book in my list right now, with hot marines who like to fight dirty, strong minded girls that can kick your ass and a story that will make you crazy with need.
 Bo and AnnMarie make an awesome couple! I seriously love them to death because they are not boring, not stupid or whinny! They stand up for one another and don't accept bullshit from each other as well, that's how badass they are! I love using exclamation points for this book!
He came up behind me, lifted me out of my seat, and sat, pulling me down on his legs.  
“Gee, if you wanted my chair, I could have moved.” 
“Who said I wanted your chair?” He tipped back a bottle of beer and drained about half of it.
This book is all about MAJOR DICKFACES that need to put people down and bully them! I swear that I couldn't go trough one third of what AnnMarie had to go trough with all those idiots making up fake stories about her sleeping around. This character is Strong with a major S because even though guys called her easy and the girls whispered slut to her, she stood her ground and said deal with it! I love AnnMarie to pieces, loved her shyness, her background story, her actions and her overall personality! She's definitely a character worth reading about!
 “Since Thor decided to hog the front row.” 
“I’m Thor?” he asked, sounding a bit too pleased. 
I guess being compared to a Viking war god was a compliment. I cringed inwardly at revealing that I sometimes envisioned him standing on the prow of a longboat with a horned helmet and a spear.
Do I need to say that Bo is like, awesome! And his name is awesome as well? Well, it is! Bo is my  sweetheart book boyfriend right now due to his constant need to be protective and only doing the best for AnnMarie in the sweetest ways! He is this tough guy from the Marines with a heart of gold and a cocky attitude and he's a blond god with the six-pack and all! I confess that normally the blond ones are kind of bland but Bo? He's as hot as they come...  He's funny, caring, trusting and very loyal.
 “Not being able to admit you need help is manly?”  
“Asking for help is a woman’s thing,” Bo said, ducking my point.  
“We don’t ask for directions, and we don’t need help opening bottles.”  
I shook my head. “I don’t believe you. I think you’re just a Neanderthal.”

I loved Ellie as well. In fact she may be one of my favorites of the book! She played the best friend role and she did it beautifully, with shocking loyalty and a mouth full of quick answers that would knock the biggest of guys in SECONDS!

Noah and Grace! I didn't read the first book so I wasn't really into their story but now I confess that I have to read it!  They are so mysterious and yet passionate that you just want to know the story behind them. I am so very interested in knowing  why Bo and Grace Clash!  
This book is amazing with sweet but torching romance that will require constant stops just for you to take the coldest shower you can get and get the blood pumping again! Don't let anyone miss out on this story!

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A Little Too Far (A little Too Far, #1) by Lisa Desrochers. !!!!Steamy Review!!!!

A little too far has been a book that I've been counting the days to get my hands on, because this story is so intriguing that it just had to be good. And it was everything I hoped and from the beginning to the end it was Breathtaking, Mind blowing, Heart racing, Sinful and Perfect.

Lisa Desrochers delivers yet again a book that is surprising and thrilling. The whole pace of the story is fast and racing just enough to give us the feeling of indecisiveness from Lexi over having to choose between two forbidden sins. The forbidden love for her stepbrother Trent and the love for the passionate and on-the-way-to-become-a-Priest Alessandro, her mentor.

I am completely smitten to the book, from the first page and on I devoured it in one sitting because it's THAT exiting. It's not everyday that we get an original story like this one written with such passion.

I loved Lexi because she was very independent and interesting girl full of dedication for her art . Her love for the arts is so well played during the whole book which was what caused her to go to an internship in Rome, which then caused her to meet Alessandro. Every good character makes you want to scream at her during one point in the story and Lexi was no different (mainly because I don't like who she choose in the end) because she made some messed up choices that made me go mental, but like in a grandmother state of mental...

I am actually studying art as well, so all the "Sightseeing" this book provided of Rome is truly awesome. All the statues and the museums seemed to have gained life beneath Lisa Desrochers words.

Oh my goodness, this book is an assault to your heart because it will make it suffer. It's like a near heart attack every time she has to be with either Alessandro or Trent and being both so delicious, it's like a heart attack with some annoying tummy butterflies...

I really loved that Alessandro was really devoted to his life choice of becoming a priest, but I did not liked that all that man-candy made celibacy a choice for him. He was one of the most frustrating parts of the story because you knew that he was committed to God, but I kept hoping he would jump Lexi's bones and admit he loved her all the time. Guess that makes me a sinner, oh well. All that Italian/French Guy should not have a Don't touch/ Don't look sign on him, it's just mean! He was so amazing during the growth of their friendship and we get to see him a bit retracted and unpleasant at first, but as he gets to know Lexi it all changes and he becomes this dreamy character that it's so off limits. He's great, he's loving, dedicated and downright perfection! I don't usually do teams thingies but: TEAM ALESSANDRO FOREVER <3!
I like this Alessandro—the one without the white collar.
“I thought you were my final temptation, and that, if I was strong enough to resist you, I was worthy of serving the Lord.”

Trent was the deep guy, the one you love because of his beautiful words that he streams on his guitar and the one who had always had Lexis's heart.  You don't really get to know much of him so I didn't really liked him but we could see the intensity of his love for Lexi. He was also written beautifully, with a determinate mind to succeed in music to the point where he challenges everyone's expectations for him to be a fighter, I really loved that he was dedicated but he was also really stupid once or twice (Four times to be exact) and he can't be compared to Alessandro so, for me it's a: I love you and you're really good, but stay the hell away from Alessandro!
It’s always been easy to talk to Trent. Just knowing he loves me unconditionally—that he’ll never judge me, and I don’t have to hide who I am from him—it makes me feel understood.
 All of a sudden, he isn’t my stepbrother. He’s everything I’ve ever needed.

There is a problem of the step brother love going on and their reluctance to tell the world their true feelings because of it, but this "case" was so well described that you could feel their emotions, and despair over having to possibly fight their family on it. Lexi and Trent do make and awesome couple (ALESSANDRO RULES BEST, THOUGH!)

For the guy beneath Lexi's porch: What the Hell dude?

I can't explain exactly how this book is amazing because there are no words that can do justice to it, but let me tell you that if you don't want/ haven't read this book yet, you are making a huge mistake to miss out on this thrilling novel.

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Collide (Collide, #1) by Gail McHugh.

Collide is just pointless. I love this type of books, but this one had absolutely NOTHING good in it. I couldn't get inside the story, I couldn't understand the characters, the story was forced and predictable and there was nothing that actually appealed to me in it.

I tried to like it, I did. But it took me three days to read this and that's because I had to constantly put it down because I was either bored or, well, bored. I saw a lot of reviews that had given this book 5 starts and I can't understand how that's possible.

I hated all the characters asides Natasha. Remember the girl who said like all the time? Yeah, she was as interesting as this book got.

Emily was a mess. She had no personality and was the all-too-used character  that is very "independent", very "passionate" and very "pretty "on the inside"". Yeah, not going to happen. I cannot understand how everybody fell for this girl who can't even stand up for herself, isn't mildly strong and is annoying as hell.  She kept on complaining, and complaining that she loved Gavin but she had to stay with Dillon and blah, blah, blah.... And also suspecting that Dillon was cheating on her whilst she was doing the exact same thing with Gavin... Please, someone tell me how is she supposed to be a good character? The only interesting thing that she actually told about herself and that meant something was when she confessed that she was dyslexic. But sides from that? I wanted to scratch all of her dialogue and replace it with Natasha. ( Like, do you understand? )
He smiled. “Does me sucking on my lip bother you that much?”

Gavin is a dummy. He's supposed to be this awesome player that gets all the girls and has the big money... Bullshit. How a girl can fall into his trap is beyond me. He was a flat character and having to hear how awesome, manly, strong, beautiful and perfect he is ALL THE TIME is annoying. I didn't liked him and the way he immediately fell in love with Emily and went after her and kept playing with her even though her boyfriend was just there, for me is not a "good-get-butterflies-in-your-belly-and-better-than-ice-cream-coma-guy".
“And I’m not worried about his friendship right now. I don’t think I ever was. I’m worried about you—you, Emily—not him.”
Dillon may be the character that I also liked best as well. He did things, he moved the story ahead. Yes, he was a lying sonofabitch but he was interesting. He had depth and anger and a personality so despicable that I could actually feel interested in the story for a while just to see what he was going to do next.

I liked Olivia as well and her battle with Dillon with their name callings. She was strong and quite interesting to read about.

The entire story seemed rather forced and easily lost it's pace so I was bored out of my mind and slowly going crazy... The scenes were predictable and seen way too many times and kept repeating itself over and over. And the ending was just pointless.

Maybe the problem is me, but I did not like this book at all.

domingo, 15 de setembro de 2013

Deeper by Blue Ashcroft Review.

I have to go for a swim in ice cold water to see if I can cool down after finishing reading this. What a refreshing summer read, with a light but intense story that will grab your attention from the start.

This is the first book by Blue Ashcroft, so I went in a bit worried and apprehensive just cause I've never heard of this author. But it did surprised me on how good the actual book was, because it's a story that's plainly special so it fits with everyone. The writing is clean and goes straight to the point and the characters are all special, starting with their names and also their personalities and ending with their acts and attitudes. 

Rain is starting a new summer job as a supervisor in a pool after a summer where she made a fatal mistake and pledge a promise of "abstinence". It all seems to finally going well for her, well that is if you don't count the boy who is her fellow supervisor with abs of steel that is set in making her life a bit difficult. Knight also has is problems and a girl that he promised not to forget, but when Rain comes and threatens his job he should be mad but instead he finds himself quite stuck with her and her unbreakable attitude. Rain is not looking for love or any other complications, but this summer on the beach is about to give her far more than she's ready for.

There is one thing that I didn't really appreciated about this story because it all revolved around ONE problem. So, if you started reading that the main character was having a problem you already knew what it was about... It's no fun that way. It had really no variety and it started to be kind of old after a while, but there was a certain someone that always stormed in and made me forget all about repetitions. (He was the Knight in shinning armor of the book)

Knight was so adorable. In the first few pages you get him trying to be unpleasant and  mean to Rain but that is quickly for gotten after he gets to know her. He's a boy that has a certain past and problems with men disrespecting women so he is a bit possessive and sexist throughout the story, but in a good way. I really liked him and though that he had a very good constructed background and that his character had depth and reality to it. He was definitely one of the best summer boys in a book ever.
He’s as changeable as the ocean, and probably just as dangerous and powerful. But like the ocean, he draws me in, and I can’t pull away.

Finally a character that stands her ground until the end of the book! Even though I think that her vow of abstinence is kind stupid and doesn't really has a point I liked that she stick to it until the last minute, because she's stubborn and determined. Rain is a bit of a stuck up girl in the beginning for you quickly get to see the more loose side of her and start to like her.
“So you can’t fall in love,” he says, wrapping my hair further around his finger, pulling me closer. “You can’t have sex. I’m okay with the things you can’t give me. Just give me what you can, and I’ll let it be enough.”
This book is all about giving you mini heart attacks. 1- They broke up like a hundred times. 2-Rain is threatened to be raped tons of times as well. 3- There are way too many rapists in that summer place and the pool. 4- There are two very depressing deaths. 5- The friends are kind of stupid...

This book is sweet, it's fun and it's light. It has very hot steamy kisses under water and very fearless lifeguards, with just a hint of danger and a whole lot of romance. Definitely a must read.

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Breaking Nova (Nova, #1) by Jessica Sorensen Review + Favorite Quotes.

Breaking Nova does not have a happy ending which really messed with my head for a few minutes later but then I realized what was to come and Damn, this book is a masterpiece. It's beautiful, broken and haunted.
I cried my face off and I was never affected by a book so much, like this one because it makes you feel all the emotions like all the hatred, the suffering, the mourning and despair. It's not a pretty book nor it has a pretty story and it won't be easy for most people to accept the course of the book because it drives you sickly insane seeing the characters you've learned to like letting go. But this book is different and it's special because is all about losing yourself into a black hole and gathering the strength to rise and move on.
It’s like she wants to be sad, which makes me want to make her happy, maybe then I could make up for some of the sadness I put in the world.
 It starts off with the two main characters and it shows us a glimpse of their life's before and after being shattered, and right on the beginning I felt this connection to them and pity and I just wanted to keep on reading to find a way to help them. It is a common feeling: pity. You just can't help it, because you see these young adults trashing their life's and carrying a weight on their shoulders, that should never be there in the first place.
This book focused a lot on how a family can affect their children choices, of how a simple word that shows that they care can make a big difference. In here it shows us both cases, the supportive mother of Nova and the unjust father of Quinton, and how their interactions with their kids will define their paths.
Drugs is a subject that many books have mentioned and even showcased about, but never as well as this one. Breaking Nova gives you a new perspective on being "High" and it's true consequences. It gives you a look at how the high gets you to forget but it also shows how it will bring you deeper and deeper until you can't even recognize yourself. It's one of the saddest points in here, because the main characters all have an addiction due to mistakes and even choices of the past and you can see it wrecking them and eating them slowly. But in the middle of this it will also show you that there is a character that will have the strength to get away from that world and make it out intact. It shows decay and hope all together.
"That broken, lost, wandering, searching-for-something-that-will-never-exist-again Nova is not who I want to be. And while I don’t know exactly who I am, the important part is that I’m focusing on discovering it in a healthy way.”
Quinton and Nova were character that you just want to hug and kiss until they are all better. You grow fond of them and find yourself shaking your head at their mistakes. There will be a lot of growth and realization for them and an extreme evolution throughout the entire story for Nova.
I felt something for the first time in over a year, but what it was I’m not sure.

This book is enticing and beautifully written. I just hope that there is more happiness in the next one, and we get to see someone else being saved as well.

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Frigid (Frigid, #1) by J. Lynn

Jennifer L. Armentrout is awesome! It's a fact known by all of the literary community that loves great books. So her stories and characters have to be awesome as well, she just can't help it anymore but to write great things. And We can't help that we have to read every single thing she writes, because Us readers always want more and more.  Right?

J. Lynn is the queen of creating stories that stick in your mind, that change you, that humor you and that make you fall in love. And this story was no different. Frigid is all about true friendship turned Love. It's sweet yet sinful and annoyingly awesome.
 I was in love with my best friend. And it could be worse, I guessed. I could have been in love with a male stripper or a drug addict.
Syd is great. She's described as a fragile, nerdy girl that doesn't do parties and has her nose stuck in books most of the time. This girl was quite underestimated, and that's a thing that J. Lynn always makes us feel about her female characters. She gives us the whole innocent girl and then BOW, Syd goes and acts all tough and surprises us throughout the entire book. I love her unpredictability and how easy it was for us to love her.

Kyler is the character all girls love or hate. (He has a six-pack!) This type of character does not stand on middle ground. Or you hate him from the beginning because he's a bitch, or you love him because you know why he's doing it and expect more. (He has a six-pack!) I loved the development Kyler went trough during this story, he turned from a big Manwhore without a care in the world to realizing that he has to go and chase his dreams and his girl. It's cute. (He has a six-pack1) But put the boring stuff aside, this boy was Hot. He was the full package because he never failed to do one thing: He always and no matter what protected Syd.(He has a six-pack!) Kyler was protective, sweet and possessive, and absolutely a character worth reading about.
 Syd would always deserve far better than that, and far better than me, no matter how deep she lived inside of me.
 Sydney has a very emotional friendship with Kyler trough out the whole book that will drive you mad and make you sick with joy. It's basically a rollercoaster of emotions.
 "I've loved you my entire life," he said, eyes locked on mine. "And I would love you for the rest of my life if you'd let me, Syd."

The whole story is focused on this two, but strangely it does not repeat itself or become dull. It's  fast paced and always have something going on. It really addicting to see this two have their way around and read about each other's perspectives.

Frigid is a book that you will read in an heartbeat and then depress because it's over, it's that good. It's all about the romance but with some pretty scary and a few impressive fights and acts of jealousy. Definitely worth reading and enjoying.

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This Much is True by Katherine Owen... With Quotes...

This was just depressing. Can I say no? And No, again? Because this is a big, giant mood killer. I am all in favor of  hard relationships and working their problems out, but these two take "problems" and "mistakes" to a whole different level. It's not even interesting after a few chapters and it's revolting that when you go trough all of this reading and then get to the end and feel like you just been Bitch-slapped!

This is going to be a short review because I don't really have nothing special to say. I felt like the descriptions of places, moods and even the characters could all be shortened. There were a lot of repetitions which made the book a bit boring and too long. The story really did had ability to be better, and the storyline could be great but there were too many glitches for it to be completely readable. I had to struggle to finish it and I really did had high hopes for this book, which bummed me out.
“You’ll know when it’s love,” Holly once said. “It’ll mean something. It’ll mean everything.”
The main girl is a girl version of a Manwhore, and that's okay and I love a tough character but she was annoying as hell. Yes, I got that she loved Ballet, I also got that she was a compulsive liar because those were thing that were all over the book non-stop. But I also like that my characters have self-esteem and are brave, and I didn't see any of that in this girl. She was boring and not interesting.
Here’s the truth: I am the female version of a heartbreaker. The one that everyone says is too dedicated to ballet, too self-involved to ever care about anyone else besides herself. I’m the rebel.
Linc was the same blah-blah-blah, look-at-me-I'm-a-baseball-player-with-a-really-cute-smile-and-shit same ol' same ol'. Not cute in any aspect.

These two together were a big No. They fucked up basically everything in their relationship and just for the time they took to get together you would give up on them. 3 Years. 3 effing years that they lasted with an on and off relationship... Boring.
Lies. Untruth. We all buy into it because it’s just easier.
This book could have been so much better, but it wasn't so.... Next!

*Arc copy provided by Netgalley in return of an honest review.*

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Torch (Take It Off, #1) by Cambria Hebert...

I'm on fire! An hot dark big footed fireman saving a helpless little redhead that has a very mad killer after her? Sign me up... And have you looked at this cover? It's steaming! The moment I saw this and the synopsis I was like: Are you kidding me? GIMMIE, gimmie, gimmie... And now I am Like: o.O Chika pow wow! And doing a happy dance of course... (Mainly to cool down because this book is on FIRE.)

This isn't a GREAT book, there are no "excellent" characters, the story has loopholes and it's far too predictable but there is a sweetness and rather freshness to it that turns this otherwise blah story into a my-god-I-am-going-to-die-of-all-these-feelings book. It's awesome to read about! Cambria Hebert really knew how to work with minimal details and make it into an heart racing, adorable book. (Just because a book is Adorable, doesn't mean that it's bad. It's just cute and funny and very nice. )

Yes, this is a kind of love at first sight and Yes we knew the typical yada yada of their relationship, but I never seen a cuter couple. Holt and Katie really were meant for each other.  Even I had to role my eyes when he suddenly and without knowing her (asides from saving her from a burning house) offered to take care of her, though it was such a sweet gesture and right off the bat he made a remark about how she looked like a twelve year old that I forgot it in an instant. This book is funny. This couple is funny and it's not your typical I-Need-you to-fix-me-because-my-life-depends-on-it kind of couple, it's more of a I'll-protect-you-no-matter-what-because-you-mean-the-world-to-me and it's so dam sweet that any problem about their predictableness went out the window.
“Your feet are huge,” I blurted. 
He grinned. “You look like you’re twelve.” 
“I do not!”
Holt is big. I'll explain: he has big feet, he has a big monster truck, he has to eat a ginormous bowl of cereal in the morning and he has a big...... personality. Really, you constantly have to hear how big he is at everything. But it's a good contrast to Katie (because she's tiny) and he is kind of good to read about, so it didn't really bothered me. His character is so sweet, with all his remarks and alpha male protection towards Katie made him even more irresistible.
“There goes that ego of yours again.” I held out my arms wide. “Big,” I mouthed.

Katie doesn't really have a personality. She's this bland girl, but joining the fact that someone is trying to kill her and that she keeps almost getting  burned to death, spiked her interest levels. I really liked her comparison to Holt. She's tiny and he's big, it added some really good remarks and jokes to the story...
“I’ve just gotten really used to being alone.” 
He squeezed my fingers. “You’re not alone anymore, Katie. You’re never going to be alone again.”
 I have to say that this whole killer story is badly told because it didn't gave us any suspect, and for a book to work it needs to have really dubious suspects so that you can make assumptions. But this book went straight down to the business talk and in the final chapter you already had the killers name. I think it needed to develop more and add in some characters. But it worked just as it is. Though if you are excepting a thriller book, you came knocking on the wrong door. This book is only Awesome at the romance part, and maybe burning houses, attempt to hit and run, blowing cars and kidnappings.

This a beach type book. It's light and fluffy and it will make your heart do cartwheels. Or if you are having a particularly cold day this will boil your blood instantly.

We have a cast for Fifty Shades of Grey! Drums please...

Just eighteen hours ago we got the news of who was going to play The Famous Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele... I am so excited! They totally nailed my vision of the characters so well, Charlie Hunnam and  Dakota Johnson are our new most anticipated characters ever!

Charlie Hunnam is a hotie but I never expected him to accept to be Christian Grey. The fans really did have a guy in mind to play CG and when Charlie Hunnam came out they went ballistic, but you know what? I think that Charlie is going to be the best CG ever! Have you looked at that smile? At the hair? The attitude? It screams Christian Grey. And now picture him barefoot and angry... Perfect

I am a bit worried about Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele, just because she wasn't what I really envisioned. But from what I've seen from her work I think that she is going to wow us. It's no surprise that it have to be a risky actress for this role, she will have to do some very explicit scenes and play very emotional moments. And it wouldn't be every actress that it would take that risk, so just by accepting this role and trying to be the picture that the world envisioned of Anastasia I already love her for the role.
I can't wait until August 1st 2014 to see this movie, something tells me that these two will create havoc with their chemistry and set the theatres on fire with their steamy scenes!