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Grounded (Up in the Air 3#) by R.K Lilley

It was the perfect ending to this awesome trilogy. We got to see the unfold of every question we had. Either about James past, how Stephan and Bianca met but all with specific chapters dedicated to it.  Also there was a few chapters that changed the perspective and were told by Stephan or Jame's point of view.

R.K. Lilley is the best in creating a love story as strong as James's and Bianca's and making their love visible and palpable only with letters. Also Stephan and and Javier were characters that fell out of heaven, so different and distinguished from all the other books that i wanted more and more.

Bianca's dad is back as well as a maniac. he won't appear much but when he does he will leave his mark. Also, Sven, Bianca's brother stops by and we can meet him and get to know him. He his actually pretty nice character adding up to Bianca's family.

Stephan and Bianca are very depending of each other to the point of not letting no one else in and we could see that a lot in the other books. It makes their relationship admirable and sweet. But know they have to learn that there are people that deserve their trust aside from one another. They will let go and be more trusting without breaking the bond between them.

It was the book of developments. Bianca started hesitant and fearing a future and ended up more strong and confident that she was enough for James. James was the same old James. but their relationship was stronger at the end. Indestructible
"You’re stuck with me forever.”
There were all kinds of personages in here. There was loving girls and new boy toys's. All of them unique and awesome,

There were so many  feelings. There was outrage, fear, love, happiness, secrecy. It was a
match made in heaven. A bit of everything with an ending that made you gasp.

sábado, 23 de fevereiro de 2013

The Indigo Spell (Bloodlines 3) by Richelle Mead

I tried over the three books to get inside the story and to like Sydney, but somehow i can only care enough to  pay attention when the old characters pay us a visit.

  I cannot accept Sydney as a lead character. Jill, Adrian or even Eddie would be sooo much more interesting. She is just annoying with her "i want it but i shouldn't" attitude. I have to admit the girl has courage going against her whole life and beliefs to do the "Right thing" and she's very well written but she's a character that came of the mind of Richelle mead so she has to be good.
Also we can see some developments in her persona, she doesn't run now. She faces her fears. She's strong and Unafraid. Mostly because of Adrian....

But moving on to the actual story. I only read this book out of curiosity and mostly because of Adrian. He's still the carefree, artistic and laid back guy we always met and loved. But somehow now he's more daring  making him more real and believable. In this spin off series we can see a side of him we didn't realise it's there. It's one of the perks of this series, it shows us the characters with more attention and detail.

Jill and Eddie are still confused about each other and you don't really get a development in their relationship during the course of the action. I whished we could have seen more of them. The book It's too focused on Sydney's problems to care about anyone else.

Ther is a big marriage. Sonya's. That will blow your mind. Finally the junction of a Moroi with a Dhamphir. There we get a glimpse, but just a TINY GLIMPSE, of Lisa, Rose, Christian and Dimitri. Anyone wished they showed up more? I do. Christian is awesome, funny, sarcastic and gives life to the book. And Rose and Dimitri. This double threat is being missed. Lisa is more calm but still i would like to know how is the life of the princess.

Don't get me wrong the book is awesome. Filled with magic and a tiny surprise that will warm you're heart. It has the best mix of Action, Love and lies. It's good but it's nowhere near as BADASS as "Vampire Academy".

terça-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2013

The Reapers Are The Angels by Alden Bell

This is a special book. Made to be appreciated and devoured, no doubt. It's not for the week of heart people out there because it shows no compassion, it doesn't focus on a pretty love story to ease the loneliness of a world infested zombies.
It doesn't have the biggest action or the best scenarios. What truly matters is seeing how a 15 year old girl born and raised in that world manages to survive relaying only on herself, being the protector of a big Dummy while on the run from a hunter that promised "an eye for an eye".

It's a dark, twisted world that will make you feel all the emotion hidden beneath the words. It's creepy and awful while still being imperfectly perfect. 

Temple or "Sarah Mary" carry's such guilt from past errors and lost loved ones. That's why she doesn't allow herself to care for anyone anymore. This girl "woman" is an inspiration  She's the best written character i have ever read along her southern accent and thriving personality. The author did a wonderful job finding such convincing young world in this grown up world.

There is only two characters that become consistent in her life during the course of the story and those two will help enhance the credibility of the whole story as well as portraying this new surviving but desperate and mad civilization.

Along her journey we meet passing strangers that become friends never sticking around for long but somehow manage to leave their footprint, broken family's that struggle to remind themselves of the old world while maintaining alive and odd monsters and humans that switch the food chain giving the Zombies a run for their money.... It's not the best zombie movies but it's a book that it's going to leave it's mark.

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Sever (The Chemical Garden 3#) by Lauren DeStefano

This Trilogy of books made us fall in love with their personages in a personal level, made us believe and follow their history with conviction. But now it's over, and this being the last book i though it to be very unsatisfying, rushed and tragic.
I felt like there were loads of thing left unsaid, left unexplained and strained.

There were trough out the book the same firecracker, determined characters we've know during this journey but somehow they had more sadness, they all grew up forcibly and too fast. We can see a visible change in the way they treat each other, coldness with Linden and Rhine or love for Linden and Cecily, it's all more palpable and noticeable. It's a rush of emotion, this book served to say all that was left unsaid.
Linden was much more closed and retracted to the world around him. Since the lost of Rose and now Rhine he has this new cold side of him, but his eyes are always filled with hope and love.
"I nod like I’m not at all unnerved by this new cold side to him. Not cruel like his father. Not warm like the husband who sought me out on quiet nights. Something in between."
Cecily is more mature now. Still has her tantrums but still she is now a reliable mother and friend.
"Here is where I expect her to cry, but she doesn’t. She only looks at me. And it strikes me again how much she’s grown in my absence."
But Rhine is the one to noticed she remained an idiot. She was a Believer, a dreamer but now we can tell that all she once believe she has put it behind her back and dealt with. She is more grown up, more serious but still cannot see what is best for her, still cannot distinguish who would maker her happy.
“It wasn’t all a lie, Linden,” I burst out when he’s a few yards away. My voice is weak, getting smaller with each word. “Not everything. Not all of it.”
 "And the one who found a way to love her captor."
This was not a book everyone will be happy about to end this fantastic world with. Actually I think many people will be downright murderous when they finish it because it's sad and it doesn't have the typical "Happy Ending" but leaves us with a certain melancholy.

It is introduced to us a few more crazy people and the comeback of someone of the book two. They will have an important presence trough out, like Linden's uncle that we will meet.
"Reed is either a genius or completely mad, or both."
 Quite the crazy man with a house filled with gadgetry and modified dump, but a nice and loving guy that likes his cigars. I just felt sorry for him to only be introduced in the last book because in my opinion the author could have used him to add fantastic twists.  There is also Rhine's brother. She gets to finally find him and the reunion is happy, he is a revolutionary that could also been more explored.

The book disappointed me. I have to admit  that i was expecting much more. And it had potential for more. But i am happy all ended well (at least some parts). This is the closure for all the character we have learned to love,

"It’s a world worth fighting for. Set fire to the broken pieces; start anew."

terça-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2013

Taking on The Dead (The Famished Trilogy 1#) by Annie Walls

I am so glad this is a Trilogy because i can't wait to hear the rest of Kansas History.

Taking on the Dead is a creepy tale of survival of the fittest with a terrifying infestation of grade-A Zombies. Really, i love Zombie movies but feel like sometimes they are never made justice to how gruesome they can be, but this blew everyone away. All the bloody, desperate scenes, all the decomposing skulls and rotting bodies, this has the best Zombies I've seen in a while, even on TV.

"They aren’t acting like famished zombies. They walk together, grouped."

This is a Twisted story which tells exactly how the Society can get so desperate with the will to survive by forgetting who they once were-

I fell in Love with all the characters, which are mainly men, all different individuals with very pronounced personalities.

Kansas herself was the girl you did not want to mess with. She was tough using only a machete and a crossbow to clean all the Zombies she could find while keeping a smile of victory in her face. She may be a girl but she is much stronger than  most. She is able to surprise us even when you think you have figured her out, it's also true that she is a bit naive but still i think it suits her to give her some youth. After all in the book she was sheltered all by herself for four years straight without going Bonkers which ended up resulting in her being the last person to know of everything. She also likes to keep grudges which I find a major plus in her persona.  Kansas is the most well portrayed person where you can evidently see a major progress from start to finish.

"I hate my old self. The spoiled rotten, selfish old me never had to garden, chop wood, target practice, crank a heavy generator, or loot for the things she needed. She never had to look over her shoulder and sleep with one eye open, gripping a weapon."

Rudy (short for........ you have to read the book) is a wonderful/mysterious guy that keeps his word maintaining it until the very end. You will see yourself cheer for him and following all his progress during the development of his story.  He is very believable and strong willed. You will love the way he will learn to prioritize the things he loves most.

"Sure, we flirt and make each other blush for fun, and I’m fond of him for saving my life, but something about him seems closed off."

 The story and how it was organised was a masterpiece, with different government agency's making a standout, religious cults professing their maniac devotion and loads of gun firing.  You will be satisfied of action/ Horror for a while....

segunda-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2013

Fallen Crest High (Fallen crest High 1#) by Tijan

This story is filled with so much Drama. From the beginning to the end.
"Did you see what I did? I don't even know which thing to talk about first? I can't prioritize them. This is drama overload."

But it was so much Fun by being able to know the story of the Kade brothers and Sam, get to see the start of a loyal friendship and something more.

"Everyone knows they're jerks because they don't care about anything or anyone."

Fallen Crest High a school divided into the public and private part. So there's different, competitive football teams that will push all the limits and that's how Sam get's to know the brother's by witnessing a stupid prank and keeping her mouth shut.
Then she has to go live with them because her mother is shaking up with their father, we will not see a single word pronounced between them at least in the first 150 pages i think, only hard, questioning looks. Which will be a major thing that will drive us mad but makes us want to stick around to see what follows.
Then she finds out her boyfriend is disloyal with someone important to her and we see the evolution of Sam. We see her in the beginning as someone who doesn't care, someone numb to a girl that fights for justice, and says things as she sees it. She's a very well written character that will drive you crazy but never frustrated because you can always understand her actions.
Logan is the goofball of the team, a loving guy and kind of a whore that has been hurt by the past. He has a hyena laugh, a bunch of girls following him and likes to get in trouble by his words. He adds so much fun to this story it would be impossible now to read it without him.
Mason is the serious one of the two, the one who trows a deadly punch. He will be enigmatic trough out the whole book but there will be some times when we will see some emotion and feelings in his manner.
Then there's Nate. I would have liked to see more of him in this story because he was a character that would had added a certain mystery and interest. But it was okay and he was the calm between the two brother.
Resuming all  the characters were unique in their way, the secondary and the main ones. No one was left out or forgotten.
The public life of everyone was on display in this story, the gossips, the betrayals, the fights, the break ups and make ups. You will get addicted to this High and not be able to put this novel down one second. There is Love, loyalty, alliance, action and hard core humor.

sábado, 9 de fevereiro de 2013

Mile High (Up in the air 2) by R. K. Lilley

I had very confused feeling while reading this. First i wanted to slap Bianca, then i wanted to hug Damien and last but not least James, i don't like him anymore.
I don't know why but his character doesn't inspire me any confidence that he likes Bianca. He just seems colder, like there's a distance between the reader and him. I just wanted them over during this whole book. He's a stalker, idiot and very much controlling guy. To the point of exaggeration. And he is always in a funky mood. huh.
I'd liked for Damien to have more of a participation in book number 2, he's such a passionate and different character that i think Bianca would be much better with him.
Bianca is much more out there, she is always jealous ( Which is very much annoying  I get that James has had loads of Women before but just cool it down a notch. ), we barely see any scenes on the plane which is odd because the whole story of this book started on a plane, she is starting to loose her distinct personality that she had in book number one.
Okay. After all those thing i noticed, here are all the good ones.
The concept of Bianca story is much more developed by some situations that are going to happen and some sullen news to be delivered. It was a good way to distract us from the main couple and add some action into this otherwise too much Romance driven book.
We see the add of some interesting cast. As two very jealous, annoying girls and some of Jame's family and friends. Stephan is finally getting a real Love interest adding another point of interest in this story.
And that's it....
Basically is that I preferred book one loads more than this one.

quinta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2013

House Rules (Chigagoland Vampires 7) by Chloe Neill

Now that there is a vampire killing guy out there. The Cadogan House is retrieving they're ownership of themselves and Merit had an alliance with the Red Guard. This is about to get steamy.  But i could make a really god food joke about this but will nor risk it. For Merit's Sake. 
I have been anxiously waiting for this book for what it seemed like forever and it was everything i hoped it would be.
A Thrilling, heart-racing, blood warming, action packed Novel.
Since the first book came out we always have this pattern, the writing type is always interesting, the right scenes that create tension, the loving moments and the big hanging cliffs. It's addictive and now we want/have to know more about all Cadogan Vampires and Chicago.

The Mood of the story is what really sets this book apart because it excites you being so well described you can feel all the sensations at max.

The secondary characters are amazing, having very strong personalities that you can't see anywhere else. They make you want to know more about them, make you know about their story and when it gives you that you just enjoy it more. This book sets no one apart but treats everyone like they are main characters and equally important. Because, and let's be honest, without our vampire friends and foes this book would be very lonely and sad.

Then we have our love interest Ethan and Merit. I found that in this book they had more of ups than downs, which was sad because i like to see them fighting. But it was more dynamic and trusting their relationship, more interesting. Thought, and i admit, i am a very big fan of Jonah  Yes, yes. I would have liked to have seen more of him, though he's in here plenty, but more moves on his part. And we will be able to see some ass kicking with these two. And it's no joke for them.

“You,” they simultaneously said."

See, there will be some interesting, to say the least, parts in their relationship.
We will continued to hear about Merit food addiction, casting place for some serious funny jokes and smart ass comments, also her relationship with her father will be more approached and reason with in the book. And we will see and new and improved Jeff.
Be ready for surprises because this will drive you crazy.
So and i devoured this book the minute i received it. I couldn't help it. I said to myself "You will read this slowly" But i couldn't. I'm weak. Blame me....

segunda-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2013

In Flight by R.K. Lilley

If you want another bad ass story about a pretty boy billionaire with a messed up past and a pretty girl chased by her nightmares. There you have it.
A Fierce love story Is the way i can describe this book. The characters are so magnificently well written that you instantly love the whole scenario. The story is catchy  with a loads of mysteries and dirty secrets accompanied by the best buddies anyone could ask for. Including Stephan, a brilliant blonde, old-fashioned, sweet confider and brother to Bianca.
We experience. Regret. Passion. Doubt. And Adorable moments something that is very hard to mix well.  But the author cleverly made it and turned into a mouthwatering attention seeking book.
Bianca is the type of girl that does everything the right way. Never stirs from her path. I liked that after she met James she was more adventurous and outgoing, experiencing things and at the same time being more receptive to other people. She could be cold at certain times but used them well enough that the reason always stayed with her.
James is a mouth watering, troubled boy. He can cry and fight for what he wants or who he wants. Not afraid to say what is on his mind, always being noisy and very jealous. He has admirable devotion to her that is so sweet to see.
They are a fire couple.

sexta-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2013

Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

I never though to be laughing so much at the end of a romantic book named WALLBANGER. But i am. And Sad  because it's over as well.
When Caroline moves in to her dream apartment never thought her next door neighbor would be banging her wall every night with three different and distinct girls that form his personal Harem. But he is and she's going to do something about it even if it is in a pink nightie in the middle of the night.

Just the synopsis is Brilliant, the book will blow your mind it  had the perfect mix of all you could want. It's Romantic for those who crave a tender love story, It's Sweet, it's hard, it's adventurous and it shows the complicated life of a Single girl having to live with a Hottie next door.

Caroline was a very determined woman from the beginning to end focused on her work as a designer  with a thriving career, excellent baker as well obsessed with Food Network and her Cat. She was not annoying, she was just fun and very loving if not a bit whinny. With her Crazy friends, i did not felt like punching her once. She made the right decisions trough all the story without backing out. She had a nice Backbone has she says.

I am in Love with Simon, I think everyone who reads this will be. He is the best male character ever. He's wild. Confident. Charming. Sweet. Fun. Hot. Believable. And has flaws. Something you almost never see in a guy in this stories. He has a past, he has depth and never stops eating!!! That Man has a stomach.

Everything blends nicely. All the characters, the mood, the weird but hot friends with they're respective boyfriends, all the trips, the adventures. It's Fresh, it's New and it's Freaking Fantastic.

The author mixed between the story a chapter of her Cat's point of view.... Chapter's full of text messages, with smart ass responses and words of true love said by a wonderful couple.
I don't know what to write anymore. Because you shouldn't be wasting time reading this. GO READ THE BOOK!