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White Trash Damaged (White Trash, #2) by Teresa Mummert Review + Quotes

YES! A Full Out, Mind blowing, Earthshattering YES! White Trash Damaged is just amazing... We have our Damaged guys going wild and our girl stronger than never... Seriously this was far better than White Trash Beautiful.
I've seen that many people have loads of mixed felling's about these books, but I don't understand why... The White Trash series are spectacular, the story is heart breaking and the characters are perfectly combined, this is a book definitely worth re-reading. I personally fell instantly in love with Cass's "Cinderella" story which had a much darker side to it...
This book starts us off right where it was left off, with Cass and Tucker handling their new relationship and their loss together. But it instantly adds pressure due to Cass going with Tucker and the band on their Tour... which she's a bit afraid over the fear of guys not accepting her.
I say this is the rockiest book in the series so far. Right from the start we see fights and tension and disrespect. It's surreal. The book really was a test to Cass and Tucker's relationship. Now that Damaged are hitting it big time, there are more fans, more GIRLS willing to do anything to be with Tucker and it's crazy... It's going to be hard on Cass. It also shows us a LOT more on the life of the other Band members like the twins and even Eric, it tell us their stories and brings us much closer to the guys who seemed quite off in the previous book.
I love Eric. He is such an important character in this book and in the start I was like: Hell no, I don't like that kid... But know I swallowed my words because he rocks! We will get to hear about his whole story, his grudge with Tucker and his complicated love life... and I loved to meet him because we see a side of him that is interesting and that actually cares and isn't mean or makes him look like an asshole... Seriously, Teresa couldn't have done a better job writing Eric and making us care about him!
“Not hard at all.” He spun around and smiled at them. 
“That’s what she said.” 
Eric doubled over laughing, causing everyone to turn in our direction. “She would never say that. Seriously, you suck at this.” His face was red as tears filled his eyes from laughing so hard.

The Twins are just as crazy as their always been. I wouldn't mind with a bit more participation from them in the book, because sometimes they didn't appeared nearly as much and I kind of missed them and their crazy ways. But oh well.
“How’s it going?” I asked as I watched a petite blonde blot Terry’s cheek with makeup.  
“They’re making us bitches, Cass,” Chris whined, and I snorted as the woman gave him a glare.
Man, Cass and Tucker are even more complicated then never. If you think these two don't know what jealousy is you better be prepared because the book if filled with intense fighting and jealousy outbreaks... This is a rocky road for them by having to adjust sharing Tucker with millions of people and sharing Cass with the band members. It's crazy for them but it's going to be sweet and it's going to make their love even stronger. I just didn't appreciated one thing...  They didn't have any alone time until the end of the book.... Where are the steamy sessions these two had in book one?
And there was no place for jealousy in our future together. Easier said than done when you’re dating a rock star.
Cass is so much stronger. She really grew as a character to a girl who is unafraid to find something to fight for, who finally has a purpose in life. And I like her so much more for it now.
Tucker is a psycho... He's hot and all but he will go a bit bonkers in here.... And there were times I wanted to threw him over the bus but I guess that's part of liking a character... You just never know what you are going to get...
Donna is the new band manager.... Can you believe it? A new girl in the bus... Too bad she is a bitch... But I kind of like her, it will take me another book to actually make me pay attention to her but I think she's got skills.
White Trash Damaged isn't just a book, it's a life lesson. It's beautiful and daunting and it's all about trust. Seriously how can this book not be worldwide famous by now?

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