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Tears of Tess (Tears of Tess, #1) by Pepper Winters... Holy hell...

Everybody's got a dark side, and this story will appeal to yours instantly. Pepper Winters wrote a twisted book filled with raw passion and crazy needs, and all of those will call to you. They will make you hot and bothered, whilst revolted and angry. You will love it and Hate it. But in the end everyone will understand why sometimes darkness is the only thing that can set you free.
Holy hell. What the heck did I just read? It's fantastic, it's depressing and it's hot as hell. It's all those things amplified and thrown at your face while you're reading it.
 In a way, he taught me how to save myself, even as he broke me further.
Tess is enjoying her week in Cancun with her beloved boyfriend when all of the sudden she's thrown into the world of sex slavery and human traffic. She's desperate and soon... she is sold. These three words forever change her and make her determined to make it, to survive and to go back to her old life. A life that never accepted her. But with her new master making her way into her heart each time, with his kindness and deviousness Tess is finding leaving that place much harder than it should be.
This is book isn't for everyone. In fact I think that many people would not understand the need that Tess and Q share because it's not your normal day-to-day love. It's of a more profound love, one more deeper. They are very intense with each other. One needs submission to keep the monster caged, and the other needs dominance to be free. They are alike, and they find solace in each other. Their relationship is so well written and it will have so many bumps along the way, that will make you roll your eyes countless times but it will also make you go: AWW in the end... And people, this book is filled with sexual tension.... Just a warning...
 “What will you do with me?” My voice was barely a whisper. 
“That is none of your concern.” 
“You don’t think my future is any of my concern?”  
“No. Because your future is mine.”  
I breathed hard at the unfairness.
 She was too much for a boy. She needed a man with a demon inside.

Tess from the start is a woman that appears to have a picture-perfect-life. A steady sweet boyfriend that will do anything for her. But she's also hiding something. Tess wants more from Brax, she wants passion, she wants pain, but she knows that if she asks him that their relationship may end. So she's willing to tame that part of her and be what he wants, normal. But then she's given a man that appeals to the monster inside of her and she starts to want more and more each time.  Tess is definitely something else, as a character she's the best you can get.  She's strong and she will not be broken. I loved that she didn't give up, even tough she was kidnapped and sold, even though everything she was experiencing terrorized her. Tess is a massive fighter that is bound to drive you crazy!
 I couldn’t be sucked into depression and give up. I would never give up. I would fight until I died; I’d teach the kidnappers they stole the wrong girl if they wanted meek and broken.
  She was too much for a boy. She needed a man with a demon inside.

Q is hot! He's a character that you can't help but want to help him, to tame him. He doesn't  allow himself love because he's afraid to break someone and turn into a monster like his father, a man that bought girls and used them as he pleased, hurt them and worse. He's constantly desperate to flee from that side of him that wants to take over. It's a non-stop fight throughout the whole book, and he will let that side slip once or twice  but he always bounces back.  From the start he appears as a new master, someone to be hated. But as soon as he sees Tess he can't help it but show her emotions he kept buried. He starts being sweet one moment and cold the next.  He always manages to make us hate him and then love him back again. He definitely is a Mood swinger... But I loved him and his colorful suits anyways...   He's impossible and so frustrating, but he's one of the characters that I felt like it was real and true. Q is a amazing... 
 He was my home. My master. My new life.
 Q muttered, “Tu ne peut pas être la mienne, mais je suis en train de devenir le vôtre.”
( “You may not be mine, but I’m fast becoming yours.”)

Brax is BOOOOOO! I didn't liked him from the start and never liked him until the end... If he really loved Tess like he said he would have accepted her and her darkest thoughts... So it's a BOOOOOO for him.... And he's Blonde... Who the hell likes blondes anyways?
Tears of Tess is a book that will make you crave more! That will take you into this characters life's and make you fall for them, accept them for their mistakes and actions! Pepper Winters is now officially one of the best writers in my list! And I can't wait for the next book, like NOW!

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