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Cursed (Voodoo Nights, #1) by Lizzy Ford ! I dare you to read it !

How cool is this cover? It has the bad ass "I am going to jinx you" vibe all over it! And the snake? Hell yeah... I love those sneaky creatures! Cursed is all about the New Orleans mysticism and if you were curious about that mysterious town before, you are going to go crazy with this book by Lizzy Ford... Did I mentioned Lizzy Ford is a genius? Well, she is. She created a very spooky tale with some serious action and sweet romance.
I am speechless. I don't think I can express how much I liked this story with words... This is so awesome because it combines skeptics, black and white magic, charms and some serious undead sister.  Hello! IF you haven't read this book go do it now! It's amazing, the way this story will consume you, it's like the book has a "like me" spell on it.
Jayden is the football golden boy, with a rich "white" daddy and a "black" mother who doesn't care enough about him. You can see where this is going... He  is a dick, I can´t even described how much I disliked him. He was a skeptic and he was kind of good to the story and one of the main characters, but he was so naïve. I mean, if someone kept putting love spells on me I would have seriously freaked out, not ignored it. Everything that happened to him he had it coming, he practically begged for it.  Not to mention he and Adrienne is just a "no way in hell" relationship because he doesn't deserve her! I loved the fact that he had a curse on him of the white zombie, it added some spookiness to his story and made him a bit more interesting.
That someone as strong and handsome as he might be interested in her. At least until he realized she was cursed.

Adrienne is so sweet. She's the scholarship student at a very private school. You can see where this is going as well... She's is lovely, seriously I could read about her all day because she's not naïve and actually is willing to die to save someone she cares about. She's loyal and did I mention the fact that she reads cards? That's totally Badass! She's constantly reading her cards during the book so it gives us a feeling to when something bad is happening and also gives us the connection for Jayden's and Adrienne's stories.
Rene is the second leader of the gang he was thrown in since he was a kid. He is the best character in here by far. He's mysterious yet without knowing and playing tough he will be the one to protect Adrienne and help her! I am strongly voting for him to have a very strong presence in the next book.
"What would you have done?" 
"Messed up anyone who hurt you. Not let you run out into the city on your own. You a good girl. You need someone who sees that and treats you right. Obviously, he don't"  
Excuse me... All the freaking witches gave me Goosebumps. They were so well written and their spells so awesomely executed that It seriously spooked me. How often do you get that in a book?
This story is captivating and alluring. You will not be able to put it down. Lizzy Ford created a world of magic with loads of action that will captivate the skeptics in a heartbeat!

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