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The Impact of You by Kendall Ryan

For Pete's sake, whistle? Really? What a romantic nickname, if a guy I liked called me whistle it would not end well.

But okay. So there is this typical manwhore who spots this oh-so-timid girl standing awkwardly at a party and he immediately feels the connection between them both and feels how they are two damaged souls that do not fit in that scenario.  Cliche? Just wait for the next part.

The girl (Avery) has a big secret that led to her necessity to hide beneath dumpsters when she feels like her secret is about to slip and this "secret" is the thing that will dominate the whole book just to get to the end and it isn't that big of a deal.  Yes it was a mistake but let it go! So the guy (Jase) gives her a whistle for her to call whenever she's in trouble. Are you serious? What are we, five?
He looks at me like he knows me all too well, like he sees I’m an imposter. Maybe it’s because he’s hiding something too.
Jase, like we needed another greek god hanging around. Isn't there tons of those in the literary world?  But some are original which is not Jase's case. He is as predictable as they come. Yes, he is good looking, yes he may be a guy that screwed anything on sight and now is trying to redeem himself of his bad ways but he has nothing of interest! His personality is as interesting as a brick wall and his ability to be mad at Avery's secret, even though she had nothing to do with it, is dreadful.
“I know.” Everyone always freaks over my eyelashes for some damn reason. It’s embarrassing.   -This is quote said by JASE!

Avery had everything going her way until that awful moment she opened her mouth to say that she was never going to date a manwhore and could not in every reason get close to him. But then she did. Many times.  That ruined the whole Thing. Avery is the all-too-been-there-than-that good girl who doesn't do parties, doesn't drink, does not screw random guys and is very serious about her academical life. How great is that? The problem is that it created no interest in her character. She had no flaws but that one mistake in junior year, ain't that interesting? No. One thing I liked was her relationship with her dad's (She has two) because she was adopted and we didn't even met them. Bummer.

What's wrong with guys and bad girls? They don't get a chance? I Loved Stacia and if the book was about her and Trey it would be much more interesting and not half as awkward. And what's with Jase? Isn't he supposed to be popular and a bad boy? Then why do we only get to know ONE of his friends and the only thing scary about him was that he was unrealistically perfect?

The Impact of you had elements that could have made a great book but it was a mess this way. I Liked Kendall Ryan type of writing, always to the point and easy going but the stopping points and mood swings drove me crazy.


quinta-feira, 13 de junho de 2013

Born of Illusion (Born of Illusion, #1) by Teri Brown Review

This cover is amazing! It's mysterious, dark and mesmerizing just like the book itself.  It's really something unique and special. Born of Illusion bring us the world of magicians, tricksters and sentimentalists.

Anna Van Housen since a young age is groomed to be her mother's side kick and was always told to step back and not steal the show. But her unusual abilities to sense emotions and talk with the dead is enough to make her stand without her wanting it.  Now, after years of moving from city to city, from jail to jail and having lots of money to being brooke she and her mother moved to New York to start a new life. What they didn't expect was the dangers lurking and expecting to take advantage of Anna's powers and of her father's status. Because Anna is the daughter of Houdini. Or so she thinks.

How cool is this? Freaking Houdini? Just because of that it's worth reading this story. We get to meet the man that marked his time and read a bit about him and of his tricks. Definitely one of the best parts of the book.
Harry Houdini is out to expose mediums, but I wonder what he would say if he met a real one. Someone who had really communicated with the dead or saw the future in terrifying visions or felt the emotions of others coming off them in waves. Someone like me.

But it's not because of the famous name this book carries that made it memorable. It's also because of the unknown ones, like Anna and her mother, Owen or Cole and even Jaques. They all made this book something great. Also, the description of the 90's is outstanding, all the dresses, the dances, the cigarettes, the drinks and the feel of a busy crowd. It's crazy that all tiny descriptions gained life.

Anna is one of those characters you don't easily forget. She's cunning, smart and very attentive to the world around her and the devotion she has to magic makes ME want to be a magician! One thing i did like about her was that she stood her ground and stood up to her mother eccentricities, and her mother is no easy person...
Why can't I be both a wife and a magician? A mother and a performer? Mother did it. But then again, Mother isn't really the best role model.
Owen.... Come on, if you think you can for a second you fooled me in this book you are soo wrong. He was such a spoiled, stupid character. I liked that he could lie very well until the end but I didn't like that the other characters didn't see beneath his pretty looks.

Cole... Seriously have more fun Cole, even your uncle knows how to have fun better than you! Cole was something like those shy, quiet boys who you know will turn out to be a teacher and that's not my favorite personality to read because sometimes feels a bit too uptight. But not Cole because he managed to mixed the seriousness with the rare smiles and cuteness and that won me over!
“Right now all I know is you swindle people for money and pick pockets when you're confused. Who knows? Maybe you rob banks in your spare time?
Anna's Mother was a bitch until the very end. She was my favorite character by far because of all the mood swings.  She started out very cold and distant but you could see that her decisions were only for Anna's good.

Born of Illusion was definitely a 4 star book only because i felt there was things left unanswered (but maybe it was to step up with the mystery? Who knows? ) The story was great and fast paced, always managed to keep it interesting with no stopping points where you got bored. Loved it :)

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Forever Too Far (Too Far, #3) by Abbi Glines 5 STARS

What's not to love about these books? A smoking' cover? Check.  Alluring Characters? Check. Addicting story? Double Check. Awesome Male lead? Oh yeah, Rush! And a great girl who can stand up to guys double her size? You go, Blaire!

See? If you have not read this books you have to go do that now! Right this minute! Go!
But if you have read them, then let's talk... Don't you love them? I do!

Blaire is pregnant and she and Rush are starting their own family. But with a twisted family and Nan's demands of  Rush to choose between his love and his sister, this is going to get complicated!

One of the things I always liked about this story is that it sucks you inside it and doesn't let go, until you realize you have reached the last page and have to wake up form this book induced coma! And you get so sad. This is a simple story, with nothing very complicated in it which adds to it's interest in my opinion. Also, the mind of Abbi Glines in creating this day-to-day problems and showing that there is a resolution for everything if you trust who you love. See? Simple.
“This sweet, determined, sexy-as-hell blonde walked into my life and gave me a reason to live.”
There is many new people in here. There is Rush's father and Harlow (which i think will play a big role further ahead).
“That is just crazy. You know that, right? Just flipping crazy! Having Dean fucking Finlay as your father-in-law. Women around the world want to fuck the man. You’re gonna be his family.”
I thought it was impossible to like Rush even more. Needless to say I was so wrong. Rush is the most possessive (he acts like a caveman) and the most strong willed guy ever and that's not always easy to deal with. But, Blaire does it with juts by snapping her fingers. You should see the care and love he is constantly demonstrating in this story to the baby and Blaire, it's the most selfless thing I have ever seen. It literally brought tears to my eyes.  But it's not always sunshine and rainbows because in this book he will be brought under load of pressure form the bitch of the house (I means Nan) which will be an even bigger bitch than she used to. Shocker!
Seeing the small baby bump outlined behind it made the caveman instinct to carry her off and protect her pound in my veins.
 I also wanted to pin my last name on her and beat on my chest like a fucking crazy man.

Blaire is complicated to describe because I see many people connecting with her and a sentence it's not enough to make her justice, so there's a word I am going to use. Real. She's realistic and lovable. Blaire has to open Rush's eyes so much in here that i don't understand how she didn't gave up more often. But she's strong as well and love can go to great lengths. About her pregnancy, it was hard on her she had many scares but even more joys. and the whole thing was really cute. I was so happy to have met the baby!
“Be glad I don’t have my gun because right now I’m considering the different ways I can get you to shut up. Let me scream and back off,” I snapped at him and grabbed my stomach as another contraction hit.

Forever too Far is the beginning of their life together. The future they will share as a new family. It's hot and passionate, it's cool and new. It's a perfect blend between romance and Hope.  It's just plainly perfect. This series never cease to amaze me.

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PODs (Pods, #1) by Michelle K. Pickett ----Review---

Now that i really think about it, the government sucks, I mean in all the movies, books, etc.. they are the ones who manage to destroy normality and create something vile.
A virus that was killing people so quickly there was no need to name it something memorable—there’d be no one left to remember it.
PODs was that Cute book that at the same time can be Badass and those books are so hard to find. A book that involved the terror with the romance and survival instincts with the turning of mankind into crazies... Awesome.
Michelle Pickett is a new author for me because i have never read something written by her but i'll definitely keep an eye open for her books. I loved the writing type because it was fast and simple yet complex enough so it doesn't look amateur. The fighting scenes were great, with all the gore and guns, the idea was used before many times but she turned it into an unique story. I am smitten to this book.

Eva is funny and wicked smart and in a world where everyone is on the rough side she managed to stand out in a very good way. At first you see her as a superfluous girl but then she changes so much and turns into this survivor/fighter.  She knows how to stand up for herself and protect her idea that women do not need to cower behind the guys and that they should know their way into fighting. She's tough and wasn't the type of girl who you know will give that scream that will warm all the bad guys out but instead wait and fight. I liked her a lot!
“So here’s my theory. If you wanted to rebuild a nation, you’d want young, healthy people, but also intelligent ones. After all, how could you build a great nation if it was filled with idiots?
David, oh David you can save me anytime! But seriously the romance part was in the right quantity at the right time. And David is that guy with dark hair and grey eyes that you know you can't resist! And when he was handling a gun? Oh my!
“I love you. I think I have since the day you first entered the POD. I knew I did the morning I kissed you. I still know I do because I’d lay down my life for you here and now.”
This book was awesome from head to toe! I devoured it and will be waiting for the next one anxiously.

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Complete Me (Stark Trilogy, #3) by J. Kenner

I'm sad it was over so fast! These books were really something spectacular, they were one of those book you don't particularly like the cover but when you start reading them you fall in love with the story and the characters....  J. Kenner really wrote a book worth reading. It's intriguing, it's fast-paced, with loads of action and really, really Hot!

I was so excited for the final book, the book where it all ends. And it blew me away.  The relationship between Damien and Nikki is even more turbulent in Complete Me. Both of them will cross barriers that we haven't seen so far and take leaps of faith in their relationship.

Nikki is one of my all-time favorite characters. She has it all, she is strong-willed yet fragile, she's tough yet damaged, she's the most complex character I have seen in a while. And in this book she toke charge of herself and confronted not only Damien with his secret and lies, but managed to open her own business with no help and built a name for herself.  She was very determined and responsible, she will have her ups and downs but her capability of coping with things doesn't go to her dark past anymore.
Between Damien and me, sex is as necessary as conversation. It is our method of discovery. Our sharing of trust. And out Ultimate surrender. 

And what would be of a damaged main character without equal messed up friends? Ollie and Jamie are awesome friends with awesome attitudes. Jamie is still the same reckless girl using men to forget her problems but she's going to finally find her path and work with it. Ollie is a cheater (I Like Him but he is bad!) and he's going to get what he deserves! But he is so very nice now and all the things he did in the previous book was forgotten!

Damien had some pretty bad path in Complete Me, secrets he has kept for years on hand will be threatened and his relationship with Nikki is going to take a turn. I Loved that now he still has the domineering posture but when Nikki says NO to him he accepts it (After being a bit mad).  Damien is the character that has changed the most, to the closed, dark men to the open and trusting Damien we have in the third book! I though I could not love his character more but in this book he's off the charts.
"Empirically, he is gorgeous. But it is not simply his looks that overwhelm. It is the whole package. The power, the confidence, the bone-deep sensuality that he couldn't shake if he tried." 

Complete Me is a sneaky bastard of a book, but is also the best. The bad guy in here is the last person you'l expect but when you find out it will leave you speechless and shocked! There will be decisions waiting to be taken to destroy or cement their relationship. It's a spinning wheel waiting to crash down! But it's the perfect ending to both of them. Love the books, all of them and I wished it wasn't over! I recommend it to everyone because it will warm your heart to read about such a passionate story!
Now I shall go cry because it's over!

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The Keep (The Watchers, #4) by Veronica Wolff -----Review-----

If i compared this book to the previous ones it would be bad. It just seems like it's dragging the story and five chapters could easily be put into one. And beside, aside some repetitive attacks from the boys there was no action at all and it seemed like it was more focused on the romance part with Carden and Ronan.
I needed to stay alert. One of these days, there just might be a real blade and it would be aimed at my back.
Drew is starting to piss me off. She did not grew up or evolved from the girl in the first book and is starting to feel like one of those characters you know you'l grow tired of reading about. This is the fourth book and barely nothing happened with her, yes, she has more fighting skills and yes, the character is funny sometimes. But she whines and whines and whines again and all she can say  is "Why me?" or "It's all my fault". It's annoying. Though i have good things to say about her as well, she is strong and determined and a survivor at heart, but only the people who have read the four books will understand that!

Ronan and Carden. Ronan you are an idiot if you think you like her only as a sister! But i have to say that when Ronan protects and takes care of Drew is quite sweet. Carden you are also an idiot if you think you can hide your way trough the story and only come up when jealousy strikes you! But his accent is delicious!.
In our time together, I’d known Ronan to steal my nerves. My will. But Carden. He stole my breath.

There was something I liked though which was all the things going on with Yasuo ( he is an evil bastard now and I like him even more).
Also, all the boys in that school are perverts right? I mean half of the book is them trying to get into Drew's pants. Just saying.

Overall there is not much to say other than I did not enjoyed this book like the others, it was to slow and with nothing overly special going on. But there is hope for the next one. (:
“Aye, it’s true. I've spent long years seeking a wee dove to adore. But not because I wished for one to tend. I've wanted one with whom I could soar.”

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Entwined with You (Crossfire, #3) by Sylvia Day Review

I have always thought that from the first book Eva and Gideon were made for each other. They make each other face their fears, they provoke one another constantly and they take their limits to the edge. They both have a dark past and different ways to deal with it, but since they met you can see a change in their demeanor because now they lean on each other to catch them when they fall.

This story was very different from the other books. It was more towards pushing the limits of their relationship and strengthen their trust. It did not had many action with the previous problems about the police or spoke much about it, but it did double the drama. This book still has that passion and pretty hot moments to be read but with more seriousness now.
"We are totally dysfunctional."
"I prefer 'selectively deviant´. But we'll keep that to ourselves."

Eva was always a woman i really admired. It's not anyone that can go trough what she went trough and be the strong, resistant person portrayed in here. I finally got to see a Eva that made Gideon her own. Claimed him to herself and told everyone else to go take a hike. You Go Girl!! She is much stronger and the initial struggle she had about commitment is serious worked out in this part of the story but at the same time is really good that we still get the bond she shares with Cary and not keeping herself with Gideon all the time. Her attitude is also put to the test, when she faces a lot of decisions that can change her life in a second, for good and worst. Overall this book pushed her to her limits and healed her thoughts on happy endings.
"Can I take advantage of you in the limo?"
           His eyes laughed at me. "By all means, angel mine." 

Gideon is Mr.Dark and Dangerous. It's one of the reasons I initially liked him but after seeing that there is more to him than what's on the outside it's even more of a pleasure to read his story. He has issues, it's true but in this book they are more bland, more controlled. All with Eva's help. He will face his terrors, work them out and claim his girl for his safekeeping. It was the version of himself that I liked most in these three books, he talks about himself, shares his secrets and let's a part of his heart with Eva. Finally.
"I'm filthy rich, but you just want me for my body." 
 I looked up at him, admiring the way his dark hair framed that extraordinary face. "I want the heart inside the body
            "You have it."

Cary is still my favorite character! Without a doubt it's great to read about him and I wished he had more story dedicated to him in Entwined with you. But there is a surprise in this book that i am dying to see concluded in the next installment. Yay!

The ending was unexpected to say the least, with a lot of questions waiting to be answered and problems without solutions. Also, i would've liked to have seen more of other characters like Eva's stepfather, Gideon's family and of Brett.

Did I mentioned Brett already? I like him as this relationship tester but put any dents in Gideon and Eva's relationship and he is going to have to deal with me!

What can I say more? To me Sylvia Day's books are always passionate and enchanting, with characters that create bonds with the reader and a story that can blow everything else out of the way.  Her style of writing in unique and amazing!

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Dare You To (Pushing the Limits, #2) by Katie McGarry Review.

No, I have not read the first book in the Pushing the Limits series. Do I regret it after reading this one? Yes, majorly. Am I going to read it right away? You bet... Is it possibly going to be better than Dare You To? Never in a million years.

Beth has only two granted things in her life. The two best friend that grew with her and the constant knowing that when she turns eighteen she will save her mother from the abusive boyfriend that likes to use Beth and her mother as a punch bag, regularly. So, when she gets arrested and her long lost uncle makes her a threat "Either you will come live with me or I'll tell what your mother has been hiding and she goes straight to prison" she goes with him to the perfect town, with the perfect people and the perfect Ryan Stone. But what she wasn't counting on was the feelings her old hometown would revive.

I found myself wanting to finish this book right ahead! I read page one and I was addicted, it is impossible not to be! From the moment the words "I Dare You To" were pronounced i was hooked. Just Like that!! I admit I always liked a good dare so this book was a bliss to me. There is also a lot of football talk in here. I cannot play it and I can't sit trough one game without zooming out. But this book made it interesting to me in a way i thought impossible, by talking about it every second. But the kind of talk that involved the passion those players felt when they hold a ball and the rush every time they entered a field to play and kick some ass.

Think of the two types of people you usually see the farthest from each other at school. Then you have the jock, popular type and the Skater, loner type. And what happens when you put those two together in a room? This book happens. And it shows us that no matter how big the differences may appear they are one and the same at the end of the day.

"Bring it, Jock Boy. Your best won't be good enough."
 Ryan and Beth hate losing and love to declare wars against each other. Beth is always going to talk back and incite the fight and Ryan is always going to answer and poke the shark even harder. It's just the way these two learned about one another and it's how they found out they were more alike each other then they thought. And it's good that not one of them fell for the other right away but instead struggled to build a relationship that could last. They had to gain each other trust and learn that it's okay to stand up for what you want and let your fears go. They learned and teach a lot to each other and that made them more believable and alive.  I Loved this pair. I loved that both of them were misfits and could find solace in another person.  Those two were perfectly imperfect and and definitely defined the word LOVE that sometimes is so easily given away.

Beth is a complex character. She's had a messed up life but manages to be proud of what she is and held her head high. She is so strong but the empathy you create with her by reading her story is going to make you want to stand up for her, cry and smile with her and hit every bastard that dares hurt her. You will be like the annoying and over caring grandma always shaking her head along with the story.
"I Walk with my head high, shoulder squared. I'm better than them. No matter the whispers and taunts they throw out. Fuck Them. Fuck them all."
Dare You To discusses several themes all teenagers go trough: the constant pressure kids suffer from their parents, the weight they carry to choose the right future, how it's hard to accept the unknown, sexuality awakening and the day to day difficulties High School offers. It's fast paced and easy to read. I could not put it down and the writer has managed to make me a fan.

domingo, 2 de junho de 2013

Captured (The Captive, #1) by Erica Stevens --- Review ---

It's good to go back where it all begun. I am feeling guilty that I haven't read a vampire book in so long. What is wrong with me? I forgotten how amazing they can be, but this one rocked my expectations! It was far better than I had hoped and far more interesting than the synopsis it has on Goodreads which gave the impression of an okay book. This was a great book.

Nothing in particular happens in this book that it's amazing, the story is not the best I've seen but the concept of the blood slaves, Resistance and royalty together is a killer mix. Join it with characters that were so full of personality and very realistic and you have this amazing book.

Aria is the daughter of the leader of the Resistance. When she gets captured and sold to the Prince, that has a reputation of being a cold monster, she expects a prolonged death not the gentle, understanding man that takes care of her and fascinates her. Together in a society where the humans are no more than blood slaves they will break the rules and defy the authority. But when chance offers for Aria to go back to her father or Stay with Braith, truths will be revealed and fates will be sealed.

Braith was one of the best described vampires I have read so far. He was cold when he had to be and he was gentle when the time asked for it, he loved Aria but he was also willing to step down for her safeness. How cute was that? But I also felt him to be a bit bipolar at times... Braith has a very uncharacteristic difference. He is blind but can only see around Aria. How unique is that? A vampire blind? And a vampire who has a wolf around him all the time? Oh My I am nearly passed out about all this information!
How on earth had it come to this? That he, of all vampires, had managed to find himself in this situation, in this predicament of being ensnared by the allure of a human.
Aria is a fighter, a fighter for her freedom and for her people. She does not do chains, but instead likes the freedom of the forest, and especially dislikes the ostentation she meets when entering the royal life when her people is suffering for the lack of conditions. I Loved her. She's strong willed, tough and very interesting. I found her to be a cross between Katniss form The Hunger Games with Rose from the Vampire academy. But I wanted more action from Aria, i wanted to see her in a fight since she is always saying she's good at it.
In her world, love was not freely given, hugs were not exchanged, and the only praise she had ever received was for her far superior skills with a bow and arrow.
The concept of the vampires in here were spot on, if vampire were real this is just how I think they would be! They are not meant to sparkle and be cute  but instead are made to be vicious killing machines because after all they are animals. This book was just perfect at portraying them as such.

Loved Captured and am just about to jump into Renegade because this ending was crazy!!! And I have to know what will happen next like NOW!