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Dead Silence (The Body Finder, #4) by Kimberly Derting Review...

This is going to be a small review because this books stole my words away by being so intriguing. I've loved Violet's story since the very beginning and in every book it just has gotten better and better.

Kimberly Derting can create deep, beautiful, special characters full of life and cold, single minded, twisted murders as well. The killer in here is as original and haunting as the others but in a way more real, because it deals with a real/serious problem. It's amazing to see her ability to put together a simple novel with so much meaning to it and so many distinct personas all together. It isn't tiring nor boring like some books after the third installment are, but this one keeps adding to the suspense and action.

Jay and Violet are a couple I really admire. They have been trough everything and then something else and their ability to remain together and overcome all of the lies and difficulties just makes me love them even more. Violet has more weight on her shoulders in Dead Silence, she's not just the girl who can find dead bodies but now she has to carry the echo of a body she personally killed in self defense. She is really tense and old in a way in the start and then she starts to trust more people and that weight she carries is not there anymore. And we get the old Violet Back.
“Yeah, I wasn’t really sure what the protocol for ‘freaked out by dead bodies’ was. You’re not sick, so bringing you soup was out the question. And you didn’t know the people, so giving you flowers seemed wrong.”
Rafe is back in school now to pay  company to Violet. The tension between them is hilarious at times and overwhelming at others, he's goofy and jokes around too much for Jay liking. It's great the see him around Violet's friends and family and see him protect Violet at all costs.

This books are really simple, nothing complex but that makes the beauty of it. It's not hard to read or heavy and you will not feel lost at all. You feel like you are inside the story as it happens and sometimes you'l even want to kick some serious ass. Love , love since the first book and to the last!

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