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Truth (Consequences, #2) by Aleatha Romig

This book is better than watching James freaking Bond or even CSI.  It stands up to Consequences #1 and I thing it's even better with much more intrigue and twisted games that will make your head dizzy.
“It’s like chess. I make a move, he makes a move. Eventually one of us will declare check-mate.”
Claire is a Bitch. But a Very C
lever, Articulate, Sneaky, Cold Bitch. She manages to win back all her friends and family and independence, though her seek for revenge will take a toll on her. We see her having and enjoying all that Tony denied her, phones which she has three now, freedom she spends her days outside and liberty to choose her partner. Yes there will be another romantic interest for Claire and he will be smoking hot.... But she will be stupid. And loads of jealousy scenes as well...
Claire becomes a PLAYER using the wisdom that Tony passed on to her she will play with everyone and toy with her life and theirs in her seek for vendetta.
"The past was gone. She had survived. She wasn’t the same woman Anthony Rawlings took three years ago."
I want to love Tony, I do. In Truth he shows the human side of himself, he's caring, thoughtful  asks her permission for things and etc... He loves Claire and tries to win her back by going on DATES. Tony doesn't do DATES. Of Course his domineering side will always be there but in a more calmed state so he doesn't loose her again.  And he will try with all that his got. I Fell for this character who has no one to support him besides his empire and his willingness to give himself away even though his heart may be waiting to be broken again.
“Claire, I want to show you that I can change. Have as many damn phones as you want. Two seem excessive, but go for it.”

Claire's friends are supportive and because o that there will be screw ups that will end up on their side. Everyone is willing to help the green eyed, petite beauty.

This book is cunning, deceiving and very interesting. It's a book that will consume your thoughts and time but will make it worthwhile. I'm in awe with Aleatha Romig type of writing because it's so spot on, all that's happening with the past events together creates a world of intrigue no one can resist. And OMG the end. THE FREAKING END.....

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