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Ruining You (Ruining, #2) by Nicole Reed

When Ruining Me was over I was devastated, Sad and very revolted at the ending. But now I understand that Nicole Reed does not want to kill us with emotion, she just delivers everything at the right moment but always when you least expect it. And just when I Though I learned my lesson, the Author tricks me again. It Figures.

Ruining You was more emotional that the other. In this Story Jay (James Stevenson... BTW: I Love her name. It's so original) is a Survivor, And After two years of Hell she's finally ready to move on.

 This leading girl starts off very melancholic, very depressed. Not the Sassy and Loving Jay I adored. But since then you see something in her, a spark of strength. She thinks she's ready to quit this world but there's something making her fight for her life, for herself. So that's what we see her doing in this part of the Book. We see a way-too-young-to-be-dealing-with-this-kind-of-problems girl that slowly puts herself back together. It's Inspiring to turn the pages and see her getting better each time, with the help of her friends, family and three very great guys always around to catch her at every turn.
"You just have to take each day a little at a time and eventually everything will come together."
Yes I said three guys! There's Kane, always the sweet Man that will always be there for her. Their relationship is stirred a lot in here and there will be highs and downs, but those two together are unstoppable. He always was my favorite pick for Jay and let me say this book did them justice!

"I want you to care for me the way I care about you. I fell for a damaged girl that had seen the same hell that I had and experienced the depth of loss that many can never understand."
 Rhye, was the guy I was hoping to see much more and I got my wish. Yay!!! He's more mature now, more down to hearth. She is every breath he takes and the attraction between them is going to burst on fire. I loved to get to know him better and understand some of his choices and thoughts. Though I have to say I'm sad about some of the things Jay told him. But I understand if Jay feels like he is more of a Puppy that the Love of Her Life! Still a kiss wouldn't Hurt!!!!
"I’m just so worried that the fire between you guys would burn out as quickly as it ignites."
 Now the third Boy!!! (DRUMS PLEASE) Is Eli! But he's not a Love Interest. No. He is her Guardian angel, He will help her get some sense back and play an important role in the story. He's such a well constructed character, I felt he belong in the story the whole book. And his jokes! OMG! 

“How do you wake up Lady Gaga? Poker face!"
The Bonds between the characters are what amazes me. They are so well written and described it's a joy to read about. The feeling are also one of the things you are aware, it's a rush of emotions that make you feel overwhelmed. The secondary characters are just as important as the main ones, and their story is as heart breaking as Jay's. Either it's Cal, T.J, Kane, Eli, Molly and Reed and everybody else they are a family that makes you happy just to read about, because of the support and all the Love. 

Ruining You is a book about overcoming your fears, facing them and tell him to got Stick it. It's a story of letting go and embrace new opportunities, about strength you find in the most hollow of places and understanding that there are people who love you no matter what!

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