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Music of The Heart (Runaway Train, #1) by Katie Ashley

“I barely know how to be with someone when I’m whole. How the hell am I supposed to be with you when I’m so fucking broken?”
I'm so glad i finally got my hands in this book. It had everything to be a great reading session...

A country singer who in her way to go to her brother's tour bus lands face first in the bed of the most notorious, womanizer, God of Rock Man named Jake Slater. Even the name is sexy. They make a bet and she has to stay in the bus for a week, that is if her heart doesn't get shattered in the meanwhile.

At first this seems like the typical: Boy meets Girl. Girl is sweet and the Boy is a Badass. Boy Likes the challenge she represents  but thinks she's too good for him. Girl thinks otherwise and tries to move forward. Boy Messes up. Girl is Mad. Boy apologizes with the most sweet thing ever. And then they go make sweet music together and live happily ever after. Or until the next book.

Everyone knows that this is just the way this books go. But this one is special. It has the element of Sweet Music that adds that something special. Is what will bring the characters together and break them apart, it's their motivation and put downs.

I really enjoyed reading the point of views being split by Abby and Jake.

Abby was a firecracker, a girl on fire, she was bright and had a background of someone who recognizes Hard work and of being Selfless. I think she was great from the start, knelling some boy in the crouch, and introducing herself. She was not annoying though sometimes her sweetness and Oh's and Ah's at everything that had cute written all over, kind of annoyed me. But she was fun to read and see evolve to the girl who is an actual grownup.
“You’re an angel in white.” 
“I’m your angel.”
Jake and his band Mates Cracked me up. They were funny! After finishing this story i think that living in a tour  bus with these guys would be awesome, with the Latino guy AJ and his Spanish lessons... Brayden with his sweet and comprehensive side and Rhys just being pure awesomeness. While we see Jake letting his guard down to welcome the Sweet blonde country girl into his heart.

Jake is tough and so strong having to deal with a cancerous mother and douchebag of a father. It's great to learn about his story and you can see the dept in his character, giving him some realness and credibility.

This book is fun and flirty with some self destruction and Old times and New Times Classics in the mixture. It's great if you love Music or Not, because you (Just like Me) will be researching and listening to every one of the songs in here mentioned once again. Or for the first time.

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