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Give Me something by Elizabeth Lee

I love a book that can make me smile and laugh out loud and make other people look at me like i'm crazy when they caught me doing that.  So, I have my April favorite Book!!! Give me something  by Elizabeth Lee is awesome! I was so excited getting the book in the mail last week but i didn't know then how much i would love it!  It has the boys, the girl and the whole con artist situations that doesn't allow you to put this book down one second!!

Nick is Lila's guardian since she was sixteen, he taught her the art of deceiving, how to fend for herself and even to use her qualities like her long legs or pretty face in her favor. And over the years they managed to con a few suckers,  just look pretty in their arms and convince them to give her presents, then leave them high and dry! Now Nick has a debt to be paid so he gives her, her last job, a farmer's boy who is filthy rich.
The plan is easy, gain Tucker's trust as the sweetheart type of girl. Check. Make Tucker fall in love with her. Check. Don't fall in love with Tucker and ruin the scheme. .......

I'm going to start with my favorite character Lila. She is in love with Nick for the major part of the story  She's no ordinary, plain girl we often see in these type of books. No, She's a firecracker, she's funny, she's strong and willing to fight to get what she wants even if it's not by Legal means. Which is all the time. She once was poor and she doesn't want that life anymore, you may call her hypocrite or selfish because she left her family behind but she had her reasons in wanting a better life for herself, and while you dive into the story you'll understand and even support her! I loved her so much! She was refreshing from the other copies out there of the independent, fierce girl some people TRY to portray.  Well, Elizabeth Lee succeeded, Lila is Independent with a capital I and fierce with a capital F!

Tucker is s smart boy! Here I go thinking, Oh no poor thing, and the sucker just manages to win me over by surprising me in the end! Unbelievable. He first shows up as your average bad boy, who sleeps around. But then is like a transformation, he's caring, responsible, sweet, loving and with cheesy pick up lines which were my favorite parts in the book. For the first time i find myself cheering for the Good Boy  "Golden Boy"! OMG, I feel like a cheater to all bad Boys out there!

“Can I get you a coffee?” “Actually, I'll take a latte, because that's how much I've been thinking about you. A latte,” he laughed.

“I'm pretty close to the line when it comes to falling for you, Lila.”  My heart stilled.  “It wouldn't take much for me to trip over it.”

Nick here's the deal, you are an idiot, a jerk, an assface and a pimp! Yes that's the only word for everything he will do in this book! He's a liar and very manipulative! He knows Lila has feeling for him and you see him using that to his advantage throughout the whole story! Prick! He has a secret about why he has to steel only from Tucker, and why use Lila to it!  Buuuuuu, for the Bad Boy this time!!!!!! I'm so mad at this character that's why all the exclamation points! But in the end he kind of mended for himself and i liked him again...
“You're my girl, Rae.  You know that, right?  I always know what you need.”
Overall, I'm In heaven for having read this book! Loved it and highly recommend it! The writing type is great, with funny, mad, crazy moments to share with us... The only thing i didn't like was that it ended really soon. Though the end will blow your mind!

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