Crush (Crash, #3) by Nicole Williams

All I can Say about this is Awwwwww and then Hot Damn.

 Crush is the highly anticipated ending to this wonderful story between Luce and Jude. Who can't forget the Girl in the Black bikini in a beach meeting the boy who was about to change her life? The boy everyone though to be a nobody.  No One! This story does that to you. It sinks in and makes you all kinds of teary eyed and warm and fuzzy.

This is the next step in their life's. They are engaged and "Soon" to be married. Jude has scored some major quarterback position and Luce in pursuing her dreams of Ballet. It's all very pretty but when the time apart, mistrusts and money starts to get in the way, It's time to see If their relationship is really made of Steel.
"Money and fame did things to people. Transformed them. And while I had complete faith in Jude, I had no faith in the world he was about to be thrust into."
Can I say Perfect? Because no word can be used to describe this characters besides that one. Awesome feels to little and Amazing too vulgar. It's all emotions, emotions and emotions all the time.

Luce is all kinds of Badass and the best role model possible, She's Real. She's tough and she's willing to battle for her happiness and dreams but letting the Love of her life pursue his as well.Though you see some uncertainty and doubt about this all future thingy, It didn't matter with both of them together they can overcome anything.   This three book were a road of wisdom for her, she has grown up and matured into a Beautiful Woman which personality is off the charts. Never have I read a character I adored as much as her.
“I’m saying I’ve always been with you, Ryder”—I kissed one corner of his mouth, and then the other—“and I always will be.”
Jude, oh my Jude. I wish. But no, He is Luce's Jude and she is Jude's Luce. Jude is a storm waiting to be set free, ready to burst. He has a short temper, it's displayed from the beginning, but now he learned to control it and tone it down a notch.  He's still Possessive and all Macho, Macho though. I Loved that this book finally gave him the opportunity to have a good life, to know the highs and downs of making your dreams come true and managed to let him express all his love in another way, a Jude way. You May not understand him, You may Hate him sometimes. But It's impossible not to love this Hard Working guy that tried so much and finally succeeded.

"I’ll always come back, Luce. No matter how many rip-roaring fights we have and no matter how many miscommunications we have. I’ll always come back because you’re where I belong.”

I can't say much about characters one by one, because they work all together. Without one, the other would be lost, without the love both of them they would not be where they are now and without meeting each other there wouldn't exist the most beautiful couple for us to read and get to know and love. The secondary characters as well, they are so important for the decisions made and for support needed when times are low, it's crazy. You don't feel them as secondary, you feel them as The sister, The friend, The idiot. There is no characters in this book, There's People, Real People with Real Life's.

Oh well, what can I say more but I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY and NEED NEED NEED MORE. But The Happy Ending was, did I say perfect already? It was PERFECT! Thank you Nicole Williams for writing this work of art in such a unique way!