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Consequences (Consequences, #1) by Aleatha Romig

This book is mind Blowing. I read it last night and thought about it the whole day... Are you serious? I can't stop facing the fact that this story is just messed up. It leads Stockholm syndrome to a whole new level.

This has to be the book with the most twisted, dark, controlling sonofabitch of a man i have ever read, and with the most perfect, Blondie, stupid, stubborn girl as well.

Anthony Kidnapped Claire and took advantage of her. Okay from here you would expect repulsion to the guy, but NO. She starts falling in love with the guy who learns to be good to her and forgets about the beast inside. The thing is, that the Beast is never fully gone and it always comes out if she doesn't do as he says. One minute late to their meeting. Boom. Wrong thing to Say. Boom. Forgets who he is. Boom Boom. Until the day he takes it too far and still she forgives him.

I rolled my eyes a lot at the stupidity of some of the choices of Claire. She gets the choice of freedom for about two times in here. And still she chooses to be with the guy who took her from her family and friends and confined her in a home completely alone, who chooses her clothes, who record EVERYTHING in his little cameras (I felt like smashing someone each time he threw that into her face....) and started to change her appearance from a strong women to a Blonde Bimbo that accepts presents just because and marries her captor. OH YES, THEY WILL BE MARRIED. Am i the only one that thinks Claire is kind of Dumb? She needed to stop thinking she could change him. Although i got to say that she is resistant and strong.

"She responded appropriately, but couldn't help think how much she despised him. One day she wanted to help him, to be with him, the next he treated her like a whore. It made her heart ache, but she stopped the tears. He already took too much. She wasn't giving him those too."

Also, this guys takes it personal if somebody doesn't acknowledge his every needs and wants.  He kills people, sends them to jail, plants false evidences and lies to everything that moves. Award of the compulsive liar of the century is to Anthony Rawlings.   I think he's Bipolar. Or then he is just a maniac. .....
"His temperament could shift without warning, making an Indiana tornado seem docile."
This is a psychological book. It makes you think and it makes you sad and revolted even though you want to believe that Anthony has something good in his cold body. But he doesn't.  This book has dept, the characters could be real because they are so well describe you forget that this is a book. It's amazing to read.

"She wasn't Claire Rawlings, wife. She was Claire Nichols, whatever he wanted her to be."
The End has to be one of the most trilling events in here. It's not expected and truly revealed a lot of the questions left unanswered throughout the story even though it's MIND BLOWING... you will not expect it and when you do read it you'll feel helpless. I did.

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