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Connected (Connections #1) by Kim Karr

I started reading this story with low expectations because it was a "Soulmate" kind of thing, but it surprised me by how good it was. Girl meets boy but then she has a boyfriend so she runs away and years later she finds him again and chicka-pow-how... Perfect!

Kim Karr created the perfect ambient with an addictive type of writing you never get tired of. It was mind blowing and down-right awesome. Connected is all kinds of Hot and Sultry! It has romance with load of teasing and lots of provocative scenes that will test your patience! Oh! And she mentions the D-Bags!!! Kellan Kyle! I might have passed out in that moment!

It starts off with a really sad with Dahlia's world being blown away with the death of her fiance because of carjacking. Just like that, we see and experience trough Dahlia all of the phases of grief and sorrow, but we also get the healing part and the whole moving on part as well. It's exciting because it's really depressing the first pages but a first glimpse of the real personality of Dahlia manages to get trough and we get to like her and sympathize with  her in that first pages..
"This soul mate feeling confuses me, but looking at him makes me smile."
Then her world is messed with again. River Wilde shows up just like that in an interview he's giving to her... and He's like:

And just like that the romance begins. She starts to let herself love again and  feeling okay with it, she starts to heel her broken heart. River Wilde is anything but Wilde, he likes his piece and quiet and he's good without his fame. He is loving and caring and such a great guy. He will help her trough the process of letting Ben go and letting River in. He knows they are meant to be and he's willing to show her that. It's so cute to see his progress throughout the story and i found myself cheering for him the whole book.
Not only does my heart belong to you and yours to me, but I’ve known since the first time you kissed me that we were soul mates."
This Book is amazing. Sometimes it feels kind of lonely because for the most part you only have River and Dahlia and THEN the people start to appear, and the families and friends. Also this isn't only a Romance book! It has a big CSI kind of secret hidden that it will only come out in the very end. It's a cliffhanger!!!

Warning: Kim Karr wanted to Uau us with this story and she did it! But then she will leave us hanging with the finale... Just saying! Though it's awesome! :D      

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