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Broken at Love (Whitman University, #1) by Lyla Payne - 3 Stars :)

What can I say? I didn't loved it but i adored it in a dorky way... Meaning, the characters were very simplistic but the story had an awesome jump start... and the guy was Cute in a  forged badass kind of way...

It's very simple and it took me about six hour to read this, it's not mind blowing, heart warming, knee shaking or a passing out type of book, it's more like a warm evening with nothing to do and sort of blending in with the others. It doesn't stand out...

It all starts out with the game. Which consists in making the girl say "i like or you are important to me" and then dumping them cold heartily. But they only play with the girls that play hard to get, so they can show them how easily it is for the boys to get their way, and them to give up their dreams of a perfect guy!!

This is MEAN, I hated it for the girls but Loved It for the story! This idea was awesome and created the most arrogant, self-centered, daddy's boys, spoiled, bastards type of guys you will LOATH!

The girl, I felt was generalized, but for once she knows how to kick ass and she's going to pursue what she needs for herself not what others need! She's not cute or warm and fuzzy, she's down to heart and an artist. I really enjoyed her personality because it was fun and serious with loads of smartass answers for just about everything.

The guy.. well he is a guy! they guys in books are always hot, dreamy, very sweet and always a Bad Boy willing to change..
"Quinn will never change. He’s never been loved so he has no idea how to love anyone, least of all himself." 

I think this story had capability to be more appealing and enthusiastic to readers but ended up being bland... Though the writing type is awesome and I hope the next book can overcome this one!!

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