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Apollyon (Covenant, #4) by Jennifer L.Armentrout

And the Tails of Alex and her friends continue and they are still as badass as ever.
This  has the best of both worlds. I've seem many people comparing it to the VA (Vampire Academy series) and i think that there are similarities, but this is Jennifer's own original world, Also I've seen comparing it to Strange Angels series and honestly this had the best of both those books blended into one.
This book was amazing, between seeing the new Alex that isn't so full of herself anymore and having to deal with the whole "The whole world may end because of a boy and associates" there was many interesting developments that will influence the whole progress of their life's.

The purpose of this story is to find a way to defeat Seth and the One who's commanding him without having to kill him, because in the end Seth just wants approval and feel loved. Seth doesn't appear as much in here asides from his talks with Alex in her head. But what we hear of him show us that he's a bit more aware of the reality of things going on around him. It's like he wants to wake up and protect Alex but the other part of him just wants the power for himself.

Alex is still the same fierce girl that we loved from the beginning but know she finally knows what her actions may cause, she's aware of that and wants to protect the people she loves from it. She will have to make decisions and she will fell like quitting most of time. But it wouldn't be Alex without her instant actions and think later thoughts.

Aiden is the most important character asides the Apollyon because he will provide with the strength and assurance Alex needs to carry on. He will push her to continue and to succeed always reminding her that he loves her. He had to make hard choices trough out that will stain his mind and heart. The relationship they share is quite mournful seeing that they know they can loose each other at any moment but it's so much less Innocent than in the other books and more fierce and strong.
Aiden laughed. “See! That’s why I love him,” I told the group. “He laughs at the stupid crap that comes out of my mouth.
There is a development in the relationship between all the characters  Now that they can die at any moment, And they will, romances are going to be discovered and assumed to the world to see, alliances will be formed between the childhood worst enemies, conversations about loss will be brought up more easily and old nightmares will come trough as well, friendships will be tested and all they ever believe will be at stake.
Deacon’s eyes widened dramatically. “They’d want me for my glorious blond locks.
This book is full of all the action you could possibly want and of course load of Humor as well. There's the gods, Apollo, Hades, Ares and even Persephone that will make an appearance to enlighten the day or make it worst. The Ghosts of many characters will also make a visit. There will be life threatening battles and choices that will be omitted and confronted. I did not particularly liked the end because it was kind of sad but let's just expect for the next book in this awesome series.

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