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Claim Me (Stark Trilogy, #2) by J.Kenner

Could the relationship between Nikki and Damien be more torching than in Release Me. Yes! A hundred times more... This is this holy book of secrets between this golden couple, it's where it will all be discovered!! Yay...

I was afraid that many of the questions of the last book would not yet be answered, that Damien still wouldn't share is dark past, but no. Finally in Claim Me there is a new Damien. It's lovely to see how much he cares for Nikki and the lengths he will go to make sure she's Happy (ending spoiler....) but still showing a new level of trust in the relationship they are forging to the future. He learns to share his secrets and trust Nikki not to leave when he does so. It's awesome to see him exposing his worries and show a vulnerable side to the Dark, controlling and Compelling Mr.Stark.

"It’s you, Nikki. You have captured me utterly, and you hold my heart in your hands. Be gentle with it. It’s more fragile than you might think.”

Nikki also improved a whole lot in her way to deal with her problems. She used to cut herself and use the pain to forget, yet now she knows how to control her need. She still needs that little extra  but the pain is no longer her first resource, now she turns to Damien or to just Talk to someone. This girl is strong and she doesn't give in that easily. In Claim Me there is a pressure from all the paparazzi for the "IT" couple and a lack of privacy that will make her want to give up and put a small dent on their relationship, but she sucks it up and behaves like the grown woman she is lifting her chin up high and showing them her best smile. It's a truer Nikki in this book.
"I’ve shaken off Proper Princess Nikki for Rebel Nikki, and it feels pretty damn good."
This was an intense story, between all the arguing and the new things that will come out in the open , it will be a fight for both of them to conquer. There will be tension and lots of unspoken words that will leave our hearts in our hands until last minute, but with Nikki and Damien there is not a word besides Strong that could describe them the best.
“I can’t bear to see you broken. Not when I’m the one who is breaking you.”
There is a few characters that left us wondering in Release me that appeared in the second book like Damien's father and I just hate him even more now or even Ollie's wife that I also dislike very much. But we get to see more of a few friends as well, more of Jamie and her new Hollywood luck, Evelyn and Blaine in their weird couple action and cuteness and Ollie which I'd like to have seen more of.

Between the first and the second book, Claim Me is definitely the better, with more fast cars and spiral emotions and lot more action and character development and most important a FUTURE for Nikki and Damien. <3

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Crush (Crash, #3) by Nicole Williams

All I can Say about this is Awwwwww and then Hot Damn.

 Crush is the highly anticipated ending to this wonderful story between Luce and Jude. Who can't forget the Girl in the Black bikini in a beach meeting the boy who was about to change her life? The boy everyone though to be a nobody.  No One! This story does that to you. It sinks in and makes you all kinds of teary eyed and warm and fuzzy.

This is the next step in their life's. They are engaged and "Soon" to be married. Jude has scored some major quarterback position and Luce in pursuing her dreams of Ballet. It's all very pretty but when the time apart, mistrusts and money starts to get in the way, It's time to see If their relationship is really made of Steel.
"Money and fame did things to people. Transformed them. And while I had complete faith in Jude, I had no faith in the world he was about to be thrust into."
Can I say Perfect? Because no word can be used to describe this characters besides that one. Awesome feels to little and Amazing too vulgar. It's all emotions, emotions and emotions all the time.

Luce is all kinds of Badass and the best role model possible, She's Real. She's tough and she's willing to battle for her happiness and dreams but letting the Love of her life pursue his as well.Though you see some uncertainty and doubt about this all future thingy, It didn't matter with both of them together they can overcome anything.   This three book were a road of wisdom for her, she has grown up and matured into a Beautiful Woman which personality is off the charts. Never have I read a character I adored as much as her.
“I’m saying I’ve always been with you, Ryder”—I kissed one corner of his mouth, and then the other—“and I always will be.”
Jude, oh my Jude. I wish. But no, He is Luce's Jude and she is Jude's Luce. Jude is a storm waiting to be set free, ready to burst. He has a short temper, it's displayed from the beginning, but now he learned to control it and tone it down a notch.  He's still Possessive and all Macho, Macho though. I Loved that this book finally gave him the opportunity to have a good life, to know the highs and downs of making your dreams come true and managed to let him express all his love in another way, a Jude way. You May not understand him, You may Hate him sometimes. But It's impossible not to love this Hard Working guy that tried so much and finally succeeded.

"I’ll always come back, Luce. No matter how many rip-roaring fights we have and no matter how many miscommunications we have. I’ll always come back because you’re where I belong.”

I can't say much about characters one by one, because they work all together. Without one, the other would be lost, without the love both of them they would not be where they are now and without meeting each other there wouldn't exist the most beautiful couple for us to read and get to know and love. The secondary characters as well, they are so important for the decisions made and for support needed when times are low, it's crazy. You don't feel them as secondary, you feel them as The sister, The friend, The idiot. There is no characters in this book, There's People, Real People with Real Life's.

Oh well, what can I say more but I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY and NEED NEED NEED MORE. But The Happy Ending was, did I say perfect already? It was PERFECT! Thank you Nicole Williams for writing this work of art in such a unique way!

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Ruining You (Ruining, #2) by Nicole Reed

When Ruining Me was over I was devastated, Sad and very revolted at the ending. But now I understand that Nicole Reed does not want to kill us with emotion, she just delivers everything at the right moment but always when you least expect it. And just when I Though I learned my lesson, the Author tricks me again. It Figures.

Ruining You was more emotional that the other. In this Story Jay (James Stevenson... BTW: I Love her name. It's so original) is a Survivor, And After two years of Hell she's finally ready to move on.

 This leading girl starts off very melancholic, very depressed. Not the Sassy and Loving Jay I adored. But since then you see something in her, a spark of strength. She thinks she's ready to quit this world but there's something making her fight for her life, for herself. So that's what we see her doing in this part of the Book. We see a way-too-young-to-be-dealing-with-this-kind-of-problems girl that slowly puts herself back together. It's Inspiring to turn the pages and see her getting better each time, with the help of her friends, family and three very great guys always around to catch her at every turn.
"You just have to take each day a little at a time and eventually everything will come together."
Yes I said three guys! There's Kane, always the sweet Man that will always be there for her. Their relationship is stirred a lot in here and there will be highs and downs, but those two together are unstoppable. He always was my favorite pick for Jay and let me say this book did them justice!

"I want you to care for me the way I care about you. I fell for a damaged girl that had seen the same hell that I had and experienced the depth of loss that many can never understand."
 Rhye, was the guy I was hoping to see much more and I got my wish. Yay!!! He's more mature now, more down to hearth. She is every breath he takes and the attraction between them is going to burst on fire. I loved to get to know him better and understand some of his choices and thoughts. Though I have to say I'm sad about some of the things Jay told him. But I understand if Jay feels like he is more of a Puppy that the Love of Her Life! Still a kiss wouldn't Hurt!!!!
"I’m just so worried that the fire between you guys would burn out as quickly as it ignites."
 Now the third Boy!!! (DRUMS PLEASE) Is Eli! But he's not a Love Interest. No. He is her Guardian angel, He will help her get some sense back and play an important role in the story. He's such a well constructed character, I felt he belong in the story the whole book. And his jokes! OMG! 

“How do you wake up Lady Gaga? Poker face!"
The Bonds between the characters are what amazes me. They are so well written and described it's a joy to read about. The feeling are also one of the things you are aware, it's a rush of emotions that make you feel overwhelmed. The secondary characters are just as important as the main ones, and their story is as heart breaking as Jay's. Either it's Cal, T.J, Kane, Eli, Molly and Reed and everybody else they are a family that makes you happy just to read about, because of the support and all the Love. 

Ruining You is a book about overcoming your fears, facing them and tell him to got Stick it. It's a story of letting go and embrace new opportunities, about strength you find in the most hollow of places and understanding that there are people who love you no matter what!

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Ruining Me (Ruining #1) by Nicole Reed

Jay (James) Stevenson is a eighteen year old with a secret she chooses to hide from her family and friends. She knows no one would believe her and she doesn't want to be a pity case. So she shelters herself with local "Bad boy" Rhye who can offer escape trough drugs an booze. But he cheated on her so she can't trust him anymore. Then comes Kane the new bartender, he's tall, dark and handsome, with some really cool tattoos  He wants her for herself and wants to have a future. But is she ready to lay her secrets bare? Then there's JT. Her childhood boyfriend who she has to pretend she's over, but deep down her heart still belongs to him.
Jay is divided between a secret that will come undone and three boys she loves on her own way.
"Can you be bipolar in love?" 
I'm Speechless.  Did what I think happened just happened? Did this book just ended like that? I'm a mess now. I am so confused, I don't know what to think. My heart just broke a little. 

This is a painful book to read. If you are the type of person to grab your characters and feel what they are feeling, like I am, Then if you read this book you're going to be heartbroken. It's so sad.

James is such an inspiring young girl, she may appear week but she fights her demons the best way she knows how. After what happens to her she repels people because she has a plan that will make everybody that loves her suffer. So she acts like a Bitch hopping they will leave her alone and hate her. She starts off like a delinquent and kind of irresponsible girl, using booze and men to take control, but it shows us how much she suffers from all that as well. How she just wants to forget. To lose herself. She's a really well written person, you feel her pain and embrace it, you fight her fights with her and support her, you love her when she's happy and hate her and she's self destructive. 

Kane was the boy I was cheering for. I admit it when i say he's the best for her, he supported her, gave her a reality check, made her face her fears. He is everything she needed right that moment. I loved him, he might be older and more mature than her but he loves her like no one else can. Both of them together was like fire and water, they fought it off but they were meant to be. 
“I’ve never burned for a woman before and all night I burned for you.”
Rhye was amazing as well. I wanted for him to appear more in the story because he really added that something special. He might be rude, he might be bad and under the influences of drugs and booze but he loved her in his own way. He deserved to have more recognition in this Book. 

JT was the perfect guy from the beginning. He's charming, sweet, good boy and soon to be football star. He's perfect, really. But I didn't liked him.  Nor think he was the best for Jay. He loved her i could tell but Jay needs more than love to hold on and I didn't think he was the one who could giver her that. 
“I love you Jay.  I’ve always loved only you.  Please just love me.”
This book has a monster. The ones that haunt us when we are kids. The one under the bed. He's scary and it gave a weary feeling to this story, it shows that even the kindest of people have a dark side that we want to ignore. 

Jay loves these three boys. One the most and two others less, but she does loves them all. It's sad. There will be tears in here, loss and grieving. Fighting and lots of kissing.  This book is not a fairy tale where the princess had a happy ending. This is where the evil witch manages to win. Nicole Reed created a wold of suffering with a flicker of hope, it's damaged and flawless at the same time while still portraying all the drama from High school.

Give Me something by Elizabeth Lee

I love a book that can make me smile and laugh out loud and make other people look at me like i'm crazy when they caught me doing that.  So, I have my April favorite Book!!! Give me something  by Elizabeth Lee is awesome! I was so excited getting the book in the mail last week but i didn't know then how much i would love it!  It has the boys, the girl and the whole con artist situations that doesn't allow you to put this book down one second!!

Nick is Lila's guardian since she was sixteen, he taught her the art of deceiving, how to fend for herself and even to use her qualities like her long legs or pretty face in her favor. And over the years they managed to con a few suckers,  just look pretty in their arms and convince them to give her presents, then leave them high and dry! Now Nick has a debt to be paid so he gives her, her last job, a farmer's boy who is filthy rich.
The plan is easy, gain Tucker's trust as the sweetheart type of girl. Check. Make Tucker fall in love with her. Check. Don't fall in love with Tucker and ruin the scheme. .......

I'm going to start with my favorite character Lila. She is in love with Nick for the major part of the story  She's no ordinary, plain girl we often see in these type of books. No, She's a firecracker, she's funny, she's strong and willing to fight to get what she wants even if it's not by Legal means. Which is all the time. She once was poor and she doesn't want that life anymore, you may call her hypocrite or selfish because she left her family behind but she had her reasons in wanting a better life for herself, and while you dive into the story you'll understand and even support her! I loved her so much! She was refreshing from the other copies out there of the independent, fierce girl some people TRY to portray.  Well, Elizabeth Lee succeeded, Lila is Independent with a capital I and fierce with a capital F!

Tucker is s smart boy! Here I go thinking, Oh no poor thing, and the sucker just manages to win me over by surprising me in the end! Unbelievable. He first shows up as your average bad boy, who sleeps around. But then is like a transformation, he's caring, responsible, sweet, loving and with cheesy pick up lines which were my favorite parts in the book. For the first time i find myself cheering for the Good Boy  "Golden Boy"! OMG, I feel like a cheater to all bad Boys out there!

“Can I get you a coffee?” “Actually, I'll take a latte, because that's how much I've been thinking about you. A latte,” he laughed.

“I'm pretty close to the line when it comes to falling for you, Lila.”  My heart stilled.  “It wouldn't take much for me to trip over it.”

Nick here's the deal, you are an idiot, a jerk, an assface and a pimp! Yes that's the only word for everything he will do in this book! He's a liar and very manipulative! He knows Lila has feeling for him and you see him using that to his advantage throughout the whole story! Prick! He has a secret about why he has to steel only from Tucker, and why use Lila to it!  Buuuuuu, for the Bad Boy this time!!!!!! I'm so mad at this character that's why all the exclamation points! But in the end he kind of mended for himself and i liked him again...
“You're my girl, Rae.  You know that, right?  I always know what you need.”
Overall, I'm In heaven for having read this book! Loved it and highly recommend it! The writing type is great, with funny, mad, crazy moments to share with us... The only thing i didn't like was that it ended really soon. Though the end will blow your mind!

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Connected (Connections #1) by Kim Karr

I started reading this story with low expectations because it was a "Soulmate" kind of thing, but it surprised me by how good it was. Girl meets boy but then she has a boyfriend so she runs away and years later she finds him again and chicka-pow-how... Perfect!

Kim Karr created the perfect ambient with an addictive type of writing you never get tired of. It was mind blowing and down-right awesome. Connected is all kinds of Hot and Sultry! It has romance with load of teasing and lots of provocative scenes that will test your patience! Oh! And she mentions the D-Bags!!! Kellan Kyle! I might have passed out in that moment!

It starts off with a really sad with Dahlia's world being blown away with the death of her fiance because of carjacking. Just like that, we see and experience trough Dahlia all of the phases of grief and sorrow, but we also get the healing part and the whole moving on part as well. It's exciting because it's really depressing the first pages but a first glimpse of the real personality of Dahlia manages to get trough and we get to like her and sympathize with  her in that first pages..
"This soul mate feeling confuses me, but looking at him makes me smile."
Then her world is messed with again. River Wilde shows up just like that in an interview he's giving to her... and He's like:

And just like that the romance begins. She starts to let herself love again and  feeling okay with it, she starts to heel her broken heart. River Wilde is anything but Wilde, he likes his piece and quiet and he's good without his fame. He is loving and caring and such a great guy. He will help her trough the process of letting Ben go and letting River in. He knows they are meant to be and he's willing to show her that. It's so cute to see his progress throughout the story and i found myself cheering for him the whole book.
Not only does my heart belong to you and yours to me, but I’ve known since the first time you kissed me that we were soul mates."
This Book is amazing. Sometimes it feels kind of lonely because for the most part you only have River and Dahlia and THEN the people start to appear, and the families and friends. Also this isn't only a Romance book! It has a big CSI kind of secret hidden that it will only come out in the very end. It's a cliffhanger!!!

Warning: Kim Karr wanted to Uau us with this story and she did it! But then she will leave us hanging with the finale... Just saying! Though it's awesome! :D      

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Going Under by S.Walden

Going Under  is a serious book that bring us one of the most serious problem that sadly happens more often than not. It takes trough the shame, the anger and revulsion of rape. And in the end finishes with the most important lesson of all, If you know someone or if you are one of this cases you have to stop being afraid and press charges.

Brooke is the leading girl. she's strong and determined to avenge her best friend, Beth. Beth was the target in a twisted game some boys are doing, Sex Score Sheets. You have a rank and a type of girl and then you have points for what you got the girl doing. Beth was one of those girls but she was also one of the one's that were raped. So, Brooke wants revenge and she's willing to make the boys pay.
"I was a warrior in that moment, and I was going into battle on behalf of my friend. I’ll fucking bury this guy, Beth. I’ll do it. Just watch me do it. And I transformed into the predator. He just didn't know it yet. He thought I was the prey, and I’d let him."
The boys are revolting. They are monsters, clearly with twisted minds in their tinny little heads. I hated every single one of them, their falseness. They were repulsive! But they were described as such with a skill that it was amazing to read. S.Walden really knows how to create the characters and building them to the max.

Brooke is strong, we see her dealing with major problems during the story. Either is because she claims it's her fault Beth is dead or because she's falling for the guy who hides a secret she's not ready to know. It's raw and painful to read her journey, it won't be pretty and it will be maddening for us to witness it. She starts off as a party girl moving to the serious, focused on revenge girl. I loved her character, her strength, her resilience, her attitude, everything in Brooke made me like her and understand the reasons for her actions.

Going Under has an addictive story and plot, it all matches like a puzzle. The scenes are described perfectly and take your breath away. It's not an easy book to read, it will shock people but i think it's really good eye opener and it's simply breath-taking.

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Broken at Love (Whitman University, #1) by Lyla Payne - 3 Stars :)

What can I say? I didn't loved it but i adored it in a dorky way... Meaning, the characters were very simplistic but the story had an awesome jump start... and the guy was Cute in a  forged badass kind of way...

It's very simple and it took me about six hour to read this, it's not mind blowing, heart warming, knee shaking or a passing out type of book, it's more like a warm evening with nothing to do and sort of blending in with the others. It doesn't stand out...

It all starts out with the game. Which consists in making the girl say "i like or you are important to me" and then dumping them cold heartily. But they only play with the girls that play hard to get, so they can show them how easily it is for the boys to get their way, and them to give up their dreams of a perfect guy!!

This is MEAN, I hated it for the girls but Loved It for the story! This idea was awesome and created the most arrogant, self-centered, daddy's boys, spoiled, bastards type of guys you will LOATH!

The girl, I felt was generalized, but for once she knows how to kick ass and she's going to pursue what she needs for herself not what others need! She's not cute or warm and fuzzy, she's down to heart and an artist. I really enjoyed her personality because it was fun and serious with loads of smartass answers for just about everything.

The guy.. well he is a guy! they guys in books are always hot, dreamy, very sweet and always a Bad Boy willing to change..
"Quinn will never change. He’s never been loved so he has no idea how to love anyone, least of all himself." 

I think this story had capability to be more appealing and enthusiastic to readers but ended up being bland... Though the writing type is awesome and I hope the next book can overcome this one!!

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Real (Real, Raw and Ripped #1) by Katy Evans

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you.... RRRRIIIIIIPTEDEEEE!
And I'd give up forever to touch you
'Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
And I don't want to go home right now

And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
And sooner or later it's over
I just don't wanna miss you tonight

And I don't want the world to see me
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's meant to be broken
I just want you to know who I am
"Iris" by Goo Goo Dolls

This story is perfect. The rawness, the despair and roughness, it's all paired inside a damaged guy who seeks comfort and equality in a girl who lost her dream and is just as lost as him. So we have a fighter with anger issues and a previous Olympic runner. I was surprised by how much this book touched me, i wanted to share the pain and happiness of the characters, i wanted to get involved and kick some serious ass, i wanted to pass out at some of the word because they were just so perfect!!!

 I've never read a book with as much emotion in between the letters as this work of art in front of me. Real is ass-kicking, with the best possessive and protective male character that can also enchant us with a look or just by that cocky smile or even a smirk.

Remington as a past, and a dark one, he was left by people he trusted so he has some serious trust issues. Though there is something with him and Brooke that just makes him want to give away his heart for her to take care, he wants a partner, a forever, who knows how it feels to leave something behind, to be left behind. And he gets that in Brook. Due to his secret he changes his moods all the time, but either is Black Remy, Blue Remy, Loving Remy, Dark Remy, Sweet Remy, Crude Remy, Twisted Remy, Caring Remy, vulnerable Remy, i fell in love with him cause it made him real, it made him perfect in his imperfect way.
"Give me a goddamned guarantee. I won't let you fucking leave me, and you're going to want to try. I'm going to be difficult and I'm going to be an ass, and sooner or later, you're going to have fucking enough of me."
Brooke was also a girl with a broken dream. She's a down-to-heart type of girl who doesn't have time to believe in love. She's real and broken just like Remy. She's going to support and find his darkest secrets and she's going to Hate and Love him.
"I love him. He's not just a star, he's the whole fucking sky to me. He's the sun and every planet in this galaxy."
The rest of the characters in Katy Evans world are just as precious, they are important and offer a helping hand trough out the whole story and progress of their life's.

This books is definitely five stars, with a great cast and beautifully written. Can't wait until the next one!!!.

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Own The Wind (Chaos #1) by Kristen Ashley

Own The Wind is a badass book, filled with badass guys and their badass women's.

It introduces us to the world of bikers, a worlds that sometimes in books is portrayed as something vile and not good. Still in here is all about the brotherhood and making sure the people you love are safe and sheltered. No critics and no questions asked therefore avoiding lies. All about the family.
"There’s friction, differences of opinion, politics, even clashes. But there’s always the brotherhood and we all know it. That will never die.”
Tabby and Shy are two character i loved and admired! Both of them with very strong, defined personalities that it feels as if the room will enter in combustion every time they are near.

Their story starts off bad with a wake up call from Shy to Tabby, resulting in almost three years of avoidance from Tabby. Then a disaster strikes and they are thrown together once more and that's when the real story begins.

 Both of them don't like to compromise or bend towards the other will, due to the their easily irritated self's, but they will learn to do so as their relationship starts deepening.  It's amazing to see them both together, the fire, the love, the trust, the lust. It's all there cranked up to a max. They will learn that staying together will mend all the screw up mistakes from the past and help the healing.
“May feel like you’re fallin’, Tabby, but remember, I’m at the bottom ready to catch you.”
Also all the secondary characters are great. All of them with marking personalities and very unique and different. The world of Harley's and bikers described awesomely and the danger and rush is brings as well. It will have dealers, crazy best friends, the feeling of loss and shattered hearts being glued back together.  Kristen Allen is definitely in my best writers list, the world she created and the actions she gave. It's all pure awesomeness.  Looking forward to the next tale in this novel.

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Release Me (Stark Trilogy, #1) by J.Kenner

I've heard many people comparing this book to Bared to you and The fifty shades of grey  and yes it is similar but very different as well. The scenes and the story are very equal even in some situations, party's and actions, but i felt as if this girl was more raw making this story somewhat more personal.

Nikki is damaged after having to grow up with a mother who accepted nothing less than perfect, perfect pageant queen to chose a rich guy to marry and live the perfect American dream as a stay at home wife. Not Happening. Nikki likes science and hard work, she wants challenges and likes to have to not count the Carbs and calories every single day. And now she is in a good place with her life, just starting in a new job and it's going great. But her previous life left her with some scars she's not ready to show the world, much less Damien Stark.

Damien Stark can have anyone he wants but he wants the girl he can't have. The thing
he doesn't accept is a No. He will fight for the damaged girl he sees because in many ways they are the same. And he needs to feel complet

This story is dark and twisted. It isn't cute and lovable, it can't be.This two people are alone in their suffering but now they came together to form a beautiful thing to see. It all starts with a wager, she helps him and he helps her. It's supposed to be simple but the way these two learn to trust again and learn it's okay to love another person and not be let down by that it's a very complicated path.
“The hell you are. You’re not weak, Nikki. You’re powerful. You’re a survivor. When I hold you, I can feel the power in you. It’s like holding a live wire.” He moves closer, then cups my face gently in his palm. “That’s why I want you, baby. I’m not weak, either. Why would I want a woman who is?”
Nikki is a great female lead. She's fun and not proud, she knows her limits and doesn't back down easily  She's strong and she's a survivor. The thing I liked most about her is the way she can just say thank you when she's offered a gift by Damien, she won't go all "I can't accept it because it's too expensive". Screw that, he's a bazilionaire... I think he can afford to spend a few dollars on her.

Damien is awesome to get to know. He's all grumpy and cold at the beginning but in the end he's just a sweet, vulnerable guy who had too many responsibilities since he was little. And he's Hot.... Even though i think his appearance description was very exaggerated...

They complete each other and seeing the progress they make in this book is exhilarating. This book is great and stands in no shadow of the others.
“Oh. Good. That’s good.” I take a deep breath. “It’s just that you look—” 
“A bit like the big bad wolf.” 
“And would that make you Little Red Riding Hood? I may want to devour you,

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Apollyon (Covenant, #4) by Jennifer L.Armentrout

And the Tails of Alex and her friends continue and they are still as badass as ever.
This  has the best of both worlds. I've seem many people comparing it to the VA (Vampire Academy series) and i think that there are similarities, but this is Jennifer's own original world, Also I've seen comparing it to Strange Angels series and honestly this had the best of both those books blended into one.
This book was amazing, between seeing the new Alex that isn't so full of herself anymore and having to deal with the whole "The whole world may end because of a boy and associates" there was many interesting developments that will influence the whole progress of their life's.

The purpose of this story is to find a way to defeat Seth and the One who's commanding him without having to kill him, because in the end Seth just wants approval and feel loved. Seth doesn't appear as much in here asides from his talks with Alex in her head. But what we hear of him show us that he's a bit more aware of the reality of things going on around him. It's like he wants to wake up and protect Alex but the other part of him just wants the power for himself.

Alex is still the same fierce girl that we loved from the beginning but know she finally knows what her actions may cause, she's aware of that and wants to protect the people she loves from it. She will have to make decisions and she will fell like quitting most of time. But it wouldn't be Alex without her instant actions and think later thoughts.

Aiden is the most important character asides the Apollyon because he will provide with the strength and assurance Alex needs to carry on. He will push her to continue and to succeed always reminding her that he loves her. He had to make hard choices trough out that will stain his mind and heart. The relationship they share is quite mournful seeing that they know they can loose each other at any moment but it's so much less Innocent than in the other books and more fierce and strong.
Aiden laughed. “See! That’s why I love him,” I told the group. “He laughs at the stupid crap that comes out of my mouth.
There is a development in the relationship between all the characters  Now that they can die at any moment, And they will, romances are going to be discovered and assumed to the world to see, alliances will be formed between the childhood worst enemies, conversations about loss will be brought up more easily and old nightmares will come trough as well, friendships will be tested and all they ever believe will be at stake.
Deacon’s eyes widened dramatically. “They’d want me for my glorious blond locks.
This book is full of all the action you could possibly want and of course load of Humor as well. There's the gods, Apollo, Hades, Ares and even Persephone that will make an appearance to enlighten the day or make it worst. The Ghosts of many characters will also make a visit. There will be life threatening battles and choices that will be omitted and confronted. I did not particularly liked the end because it was kind of sad but let's just expect for the next book in this awesome series.

segunda-feira, 8 de abril de 2013

Truth (Consequences, #2) by Aleatha Romig

This book is better than watching James freaking Bond or even CSI.  It stands up to Consequences #1 and I thing it's even better with much more intrigue and twisted games that will make your head dizzy.
“It’s like chess. I make a move, he makes a move. Eventually one of us will declare check-mate.”
Claire is a Bitch. But a Very C
lever, Articulate, Sneaky, Cold Bitch. She manages to win back all her friends and family and independence, though her seek for revenge will take a toll on her. We see her having and enjoying all that Tony denied her, phones which she has three now, freedom she spends her days outside and liberty to choose her partner. Yes there will be another romantic interest for Claire and he will be smoking hot.... But she will be stupid. And loads of jealousy scenes as well...
Claire becomes a PLAYER using the wisdom that Tony passed on to her she will play with everyone and toy with her life and theirs in her seek for vendetta.
"The past was gone. She had survived. She wasn’t the same woman Anthony Rawlings took three years ago."
I want to love Tony, I do. In Truth he shows the human side of himself, he's caring, thoughtful  asks her permission for things and etc... He loves Claire and tries to win her back by going on DATES. Tony doesn't do DATES. Of Course his domineering side will always be there but in a more calmed state so he doesn't loose her again.  And he will try with all that his got. I Fell for this character who has no one to support him besides his empire and his willingness to give himself away even though his heart may be waiting to be broken again.
“Claire, I want to show you that I can change. Have as many damn phones as you want. Two seem excessive, but go for it.”

Claire's friends are supportive and because o that there will be screw ups that will end up on their side. Everyone is willing to help the green eyed, petite beauty.

This book is cunning, deceiving and very interesting. It's a book that will consume your thoughts and time but will make it worthwhile. I'm in awe with Aleatha Romig type of writing because it's so spot on, all that's happening with the past events together creates a world of intrigue no one can resist. And OMG the end. THE FREAKING END.....

sexta-feira, 5 de abril de 2013

Music of The Heart (Runaway Train, #1) by Katie Ashley

“I barely know how to be with someone when I’m whole. How the hell am I supposed to be with you when I’m so fucking broken?”
I'm so glad i finally got my hands in this book. It had everything to be a great reading session...

A country singer who in her way to go to her brother's tour bus lands face first in the bed of the most notorious, womanizer, God of Rock Man named Jake Slater. Even the name is sexy. They make a bet and she has to stay in the bus for a week, that is if her heart doesn't get shattered in the meanwhile.

At first this seems like the typical: Boy meets Girl. Girl is sweet and the Boy is a Badass. Boy Likes the challenge she represents  but thinks she's too good for him. Girl thinks otherwise and tries to move forward. Boy Messes up. Girl is Mad. Boy apologizes with the most sweet thing ever. And then they go make sweet music together and live happily ever after. Or until the next book.

Everyone knows that this is just the way this books go. But this one is special. It has the element of Sweet Music that adds that something special. Is what will bring the characters together and break them apart, it's their motivation and put downs.

I really enjoyed reading the point of views being split by Abby and Jake.

Abby was a firecracker, a girl on fire, she was bright and had a background of someone who recognizes Hard work and of being Selfless. I think she was great from the start, knelling some boy in the crouch, and introducing herself. She was not annoying though sometimes her sweetness and Oh's and Ah's at everything that had cute written all over, kind of annoyed me. But she was fun to read and see evolve to the girl who is an actual grownup.
“You’re an angel in white.” 
“I’m your angel.”
Jake and his band Mates Cracked me up. They were funny! After finishing this story i think that living in a tour  bus with these guys would be awesome, with the Latino guy AJ and his Spanish lessons... Brayden with his sweet and comprehensive side and Rhys just being pure awesomeness. While we see Jake letting his guard down to welcome the Sweet blonde country girl into his heart.

Jake is tough and so strong having to deal with a cancerous mother and douchebag of a father. It's great to learn about his story and you can see the dept in his character, giving him some realness and credibility.

This book is fun and flirty with some self destruction and Old times and New Times Classics in the mixture. It's great if you love Music or Not, because you (Just like Me) will be researching and listening to every one of the songs in here mentioned once again. Or for the first time.

Consequences (Consequences, #1) by Aleatha Romig

This book is mind Blowing. I read it last night and thought about it the whole day... Are you serious? I can't stop facing the fact that this story is just messed up. It leads Stockholm syndrome to a whole new level.

This has to be the book with the most twisted, dark, controlling sonofabitch of a man i have ever read, and with the most perfect, Blondie, stupid, stubborn girl as well.

Anthony Kidnapped Claire and took advantage of her. Okay from here you would expect repulsion to the guy, but NO. She starts falling in love with the guy who learns to be good to her and forgets about the beast inside. The thing is, that the Beast is never fully gone and it always comes out if she doesn't do as he says. One minute late to their meeting. Boom. Wrong thing to Say. Boom. Forgets who he is. Boom Boom. Until the day he takes it too far and still she forgives him.

I rolled my eyes a lot at the stupidity of some of the choices of Claire. She gets the choice of freedom for about two times in here. And still she chooses to be with the guy who took her from her family and friends and confined her in a home completely alone, who chooses her clothes, who record EVERYTHING in his little cameras (I felt like smashing someone each time he threw that into her face....) and started to change her appearance from a strong women to a Blonde Bimbo that accepts presents just because and marries her captor. OH YES, THEY WILL BE MARRIED. Am i the only one that thinks Claire is kind of Dumb? She needed to stop thinking she could change him. Although i got to say that she is resistant and strong.

"She responded appropriately, but couldn't help think how much she despised him. One day she wanted to help him, to be with him, the next he treated her like a whore. It made her heart ache, but she stopped the tears. He already took too much. She wasn't giving him those too."

Also, this guys takes it personal if somebody doesn't acknowledge his every needs and wants.  He kills people, sends them to jail, plants false evidences and lies to everything that moves. Award of the compulsive liar of the century is to Anthony Rawlings.   I think he's Bipolar. Or then he is just a maniac. .....
"His temperament could shift without warning, making an Indiana tornado seem docile."
This is a psychological book. It makes you think and it makes you sad and revolted even though you want to believe that Anthony has something good in his cold body. But he doesn't.  This book has dept, the characters could be real because they are so well describe you forget that this is a book. It's amazing to read.

"She wasn't Claire Rawlings, wife. She was Claire Nichols, whatever he wanted her to be."
The End has to be one of the most trilling events in here. It's not expected and truly revealed a lot of the questions left unanswered throughout the story even though it's MIND BLOWING... you will not expect it and when you do read it you'll feel helpless. I did.