terça-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2013

The Reapers Are The Angels by Alden Bell

This is a special book. Made to be appreciated and devoured, no doubt. It's not for the week of heart people out there because it shows no compassion, it doesn't focus on a pretty love story to ease the loneliness of a world infested zombies.
It doesn't have the biggest action or the best scenarios. What truly matters is seeing how a 15 year old girl born and raised in that world manages to survive relaying only on herself, being the protector of a big Dummy while on the run from a hunter that promised "an eye for an eye".

It's a dark, twisted world that will make you feel all the emotion hidden beneath the words. It's creepy and awful while still being imperfectly perfect. 

Temple or "Sarah Mary" carry's such guilt from past errors and lost loved ones. That's why she doesn't allow herself to care for anyone anymore. This girl "woman" is an inspiration  She's the best written character i have ever read along her southern accent and thriving personality. The author did a wonderful job finding such convincing young world in this grown up world.

There is only two characters that become consistent in her life during the course of the story and those two will help enhance the credibility of the whole story as well as portraying this new surviving but desperate and mad civilization.

Along her journey we meet passing strangers that become friends never sticking around for long but somehow manage to leave their footprint, broken family's that struggle to remind themselves of the old world while maintaining alive and odd monsters and humans that switch the food chain giving the Zombies a run for their money.... It's not the best zombie movies but it's a book that it's going to leave it's mark.

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