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The Essence (The Pledge 2#) by Kimberly Derting

For starters the cover of this book is beautiful now for the real story...
Charlie is a Queen now.
This was one of the hardest things to get used to: people noticing me. I’d spent my entire life trying to go unobserved.
Now we know that Sabara lives inside Charlie. A part of her that also has demands and needs and that will try to take over and rule the kingdom again. This gave a nice twist and added some unsuspected actions that i really liked and it gave us a change to know Charlie better because of her struggling emotions.
Pledge had less action than The Essence whilst still managing to not look boring, though this book had more actions divided trough the story and not just focused on one part. It had more stress points and fights with some attempts on Charlie's life. That added a nice touch because with the new rules that Queen Charlaina declared doesn't make everyone happy and some people only see one way to end it and it is to kill her and get back on the old costumes.
So basically you won't get a bored moment and there is always this things, actions and peoples you never see coming to just surprise you.
As for romance with our dear Max there is barely any of it because they are apart for most of the book but you can see that when they ARE together there's that spark that they share and they manged to transmit that emotion for us. Max is great character and a very good love interest but i don't think he's one of that guys you will be like "He's my favorite" he's not that good yet. But he's getting there and is awesomely better in this book.
She goes to the summit which is where all the queens will be and she has to learn all the different  costumes and you will see that there are all this moments where you will laugh and go like WHAT? there are some weird queens.
We are introduced to a different character Niko Bartolo i can't tell you who he is but he will be a nice touch to Sabara's life and to confuse Charlie. As well to give Max something to worry over.
Niko Bartolo. Niko, and his golden eyes.
Brooke and Aron are also developing some more serious and important value and getting more scenes of  they're on.
Brook was a champion pacer. I’d never seen anyone pace and mutter, and then pace some more with so much vigor.
The book changes perspective a lot. Some chapters belong to one point of view  and others to another. I think that adds a nice touch in knowing all of the different characters.
The book is fantastic with some serious action in which you will able to see some of the scablands and some of a rebellious movement ready to take Charlie down. You will love it. I did.

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