quinta-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2013

Hard to Love by Kendall Ryan

This story introduces us to Cade, Lexa and to a very special little girl Lily.
Lexa is preparing to be a nurse and trying to escape her parent's set ups with pre selected guys and her fate as an Oxford Wife. Well just like that she meets Cade and he's everything her parents do not want but everything she needs. He does not have an empire or wear label suits, all he has is a mortgage and a child to take care of.
Cade is fine. He has manage to pay his sister's operations by starring in adult movies and working in construction. All he doesn't need is a girl to expensive for him. But he is surprised where all he can offer is more than enough for her.
The story is pretty fast paced and filled with hot burning passion.
The book goes like this:
The beginning not interesting....
The Middle getting there.....
3/4 Awesome....
                                                                     Final pages boring....
I don't have much to say because  this book is not very unforgettable it's just a normal story with normal characters.
The characters did not had dimension you could feel that they were just that, a piece of paper, but the scenes on the contrary and the overall story made this book quite good.  The rich girl and the poor guy. Also a girl with Spina Bifida who adds a massive joy to their life's.
For some reason i don't think the end  fitted the story but i just wanted to finish the book.

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