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Fallen Too far by Abbi Glines

Isn't the cover too die for? It's just how i pictured Blaire and Rush... You'll see <3

Aside from Beautiful disaster, a novel that i am also in love with, this was the best book I've read in a while.
From all the subjects and stories we have seen before and keep repeating, the stories that we cannot wait to end and that time we only read a book just to finish it... This Book is NOTHING like that. It's the biggest opposite you could throw my way. It has the right amount of everything. Of Love, Of friends, Of Boys, Of Drama, Of Crying And Of Loss.

The story starts off very fast and decided. We start with Blaire a girl that just lost  her mother, has no place to live and whose father is a jerk and a A-HOLE. She is such and amazing person, she has the right attitude trough the whole book. She's humble, hardworking, forgiving and always willing to help. You'd think it sounds boring? it's not. It's the type you can never get mad and you feel like throwing into a wall. At least i didn't. She goes into this town full of snobs who think themselves higher than anyone but she manages to find the good type of friends in between that accept her and welcome her. Oh, and She has a Gun!! Which she can manage better than anyone and which she will pull on someone several times.
Than There's Rush an enigmatic boy, son of a leading Rockstar and her father's new wife. He's spoiled, very rich and though it might look and idiot he actually has a heart. He was very mysterious during this story but i though just because of the BIG SECRET (I CAN'T TELL) that surrounds everyone in that circle. But still he's very likable, gentle and very Brave. And HOT.  Besides you can't resist him when you see him cry...
 He agrees to let her stay in his house in a small room for a month until she can get back in her feet. See, it's getting better. Then it's party, party, party he has a sister.
 A Sister you want to smack into a wall. Nan. She's the secret and an awful person who should be shot.
The secondary characters all exist and are very well mixed into the story. Everyone has a point and if you took them out the book wouldn't be the same.
 I would expect to see a bit more of Woods and Grant, i think they were sort of left out of the story a bit, but hopefully they will be back full force in the next installment
 The story was perfect. But The author is Abby Glines and She is amazing. I say it again and Said it before that She's One of The Top Writers on my List.
This book is a ray of sunshine for me. It was everything you want in a book. It had a catch and  a fantastic ploy. 10 STARS!!!!

“I love you.”  Now guess who said it first...

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Night School (Night School 1#) by C.J Daugherty

So this was a typical "young girl who doesn't fit in and goes into a mysterious school where two guys fall for her two days later " book.
It wasn't original and the story was very used already but there was some things i liked even so:
-There were loads of funny moments and smart ass answers.
-All the guys seem to be funny and cute.
-She likes Doc Martens... a big PLUS for me.
-We have many fights and people going crazy.
-The cover is cute...
-The writing is very fast paced never letting you deviate from the main goal.
-Allie was very curious which will lead to trouble
-Two boys fighting over one girl.
-Secret's until the end...

Things not so good :
- Some of the characters were kind of dispensable.
-It seemed as if some of the story was there just because.
-Typical two boys for one girl...
-Isabelle was kind of boring.
-Her parents are idiots.
-I wished to see more of her initial friends or even an attempt to escape from the school.

The characters had personality and you could really see it so it made the book more interesting. There is more good things than Bad's so i guess the balance is more positive. Don't get me wrong i loved the whole story and reading about the whole teenagers fighting evil in a secret school but it wasn't a "blew me away" kind of read, it was more "i have nothing to do let's read this pretty book" And in the end go like "Ok next". I will be reading the following book mainly due to Sylvain....

Point of Retreat (Slammed 2#) by Colleen Hoover

Warning: In the second part of the book you will have a heart attack, Contagious love and crying attacks and a big family that you will LoVe.

This time the story is told by Will's point of view which i though to be very interesting and it didn't disappoint me. it gave the opportunity for us to get to know Will a little further.

This was the perfect Sequel to Slammed. The first book was a must read favorite but this one goes over the charts it was soooo much better. Any book that makes you cry and laugh at the same time deserves a chance at being read and this one is ideal.
Though we have young kids taking care of even younger kids you would expect irresponsibility but no; all the decisions they take in parenting they take them together and sometimes laughing; they teach their brothers the right lessons in always standing up for what you believe and fight for the people you love. They make a dynamic family marked by tragedies but that somehow belong together.
“I know, Lake! From a sibling standpoint it’s really funny,” I say. “But what are we supposed to do from a parent standpoint?”
I loved how the story continued, That Lake and Will take their time in knowing one another, that no one is stupid or irresponsible, that the book approaches true story's that can happen to anyone. It's Real life and it's sad but it's also worth it. It's about being mature and finding love in places where you least expect it. It's unpredictable, it's amazing....
The secondary characters were perfect being so important as the main one. There isn't a person you forget about or feel like it doesn't belong. You create a bond with them and want more and more. We are introduced to a few more characters like a new family, Will's grandparents, two little girls that i think will also be part of the family and Vaughn...
Vaughn is will's ex and she's back. She's there just to disturb the story a bit  and you will fell like hammering her but love always conquers...
We also have our poetry that somehow fits perfectly in here without looking cheesy. While Slamming (and you will see) it will give the opportunity to say things in a way that you normally wouldn't be able to get the true message out. If it's a love poem or a Butterflying one.
Butterfly. It has a big presence in this Butterflying book. I Don't butterflying now how the author came up with this but it's butterflying genius.... I butterflying love her.
This story is a MUST for everyone out there unless you are a cold bastard o.O

"March 2nd, 2012. That’s our day. Mine and Lake’s day."

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Hard to Love by Kendall Ryan

This story introduces us to Cade, Lexa and to a very special little girl Lily.
Lexa is preparing to be a nurse and trying to escape her parent's set ups with pre selected guys and her fate as an Oxford Wife. Well just like that she meets Cade and he's everything her parents do not want but everything she needs. He does not have an empire or wear label suits, all he has is a mortgage and a child to take care of.
Cade is fine. He has manage to pay his sister's operations by starring in adult movies and working in construction. All he doesn't need is a girl to expensive for him. But he is surprised where all he can offer is more than enough for her.
The story is pretty fast paced and filled with hot burning passion.
The book goes like this:
The beginning not interesting....
The Middle getting there.....
3/4 Awesome....
                                                                     Final pages boring....
I don't have much to say because  this book is not very unforgettable it's just a normal story with normal characters.
The characters did not had dimension you could feel that they were just that, a piece of paper, but the scenes on the contrary and the overall story made this book quite good.  The rich girl and the poor guy. Also a girl with Spina Bifida who adds a massive joy to their life's.
For some reason i don't think the end  fitted the story but i just wanted to finish the book.

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Slammed (Slammed 1#) by Colleen Hoover

Lake just lost her father so her family has to move to Michigan. There she quickly meets a boy, a boy that also suffer the loss of his family.
Shortly after they meet there is one obstacle. Will is her teacher and just like that their love is prohibited. But it's not like the chemistry will go away that easily
 When she meets him their attraction it's pretty obvious, i was beginning to say "oh now another book that will be predictable". None of that. This was a book that taught
strength, grieve and true love.
There is this poetry club "Club N9NE" they go there to slam. Compete in a poetry showdown in which people can talk about everything and spill their hearts out.
I never liked poetry that much but the way that the author included page long verses it was appropriated to accentuate the feelings felt at the moment. It made the characters believable and strong.
All trough out the book there was not a moment you can think it goes out of the point or becomes boring. It doesn't give you that choice because it stuck's you in that moment and you just have to finish it to see the end. It will enthrall to the point you find yourself caring so much to what happens to them that you will live the book by yourself.
All the character are needed to the course of the story. Eddie (a girl and Lake's best friend), Lake's Mother  or the annoying little brothers of Lake and Will. Everyone is so unique in their personality.
Lake and Will are a modern Romeo and Juliet but they don't die. They understand each other in levels that they can't reach with someone else. They are both scared. They are each other puzzle pieces.
The story is great, it's inspiring in all subjects. Either if it is Cancer or just friendship. Sometimes your family is your friends And sometimes you have to learn to accept fate and just let it roll.
I cried. I admit it. And i never cry in a book. But there was something in this tale that blew me away. The story that combines loss and gain.

Trust in Advertising by Victoria Michaels

I am proud to say that after reading this book i now have a major in marketing.... Most of dialogue of this book is focused on that, too much in my opinion it distracts us from the main point of Lexi and Vincent.
I read loads of reviews before reading this that said that the characters did not have personality and the story was flat. I disagree, there is not variety in everyone's actions  what you first meet is what you get until the end of the book, which made it a bit more predictable and kind of stalling but the story and the concept i think are good starting points. It had an alluring synopsis and a very good demonstration of the crossed star lovers that don't think they are meant to be.
Bad Points:
-We have the classic I don't think he loves me because why would he love a simplistic girl like me?
I don't think she loves me because i am a dickhead and she deserves better. I wanted to smack these two the entire book even after everyone telling them that they are mean to be.
- I hated that Vincent was such a idiot and only came to his senses in the final pages of the book.. No matter if he admitted if he liked Lexi or not he should have broken up with Jade in the first few pages.  I saw Jade as a character that had too much light in the story because without her everyone would be much better...
- Everyone fall for Lexi right away. What's up with that? I get that she's nice and all, but come on! It's kind of fake and forced.

Good points:
-This book had me laughing load of times. It had some decent answers and cat fighting with super sense of humor.
- I liked The secondary character a lot more than the main characters. Don't ask me why but they had somehow more definition and credibility In all of their actions which made them more likable than the others.
-The story has an awesome concept that should be read and shows creativity.
-It has guys in suits. very hot guys.
-Awesome personalities that will make you laugh your ass of.

I liked the book but only as an "read it only if you have nothing else to do".  But taking that off it was fun and witty.

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Up to Me (The bad boys #2) by M.Leighton

I don't have much to say about this book, i can´t even find the words to write this review.
I loved the main story in here.
The book is all focused on Olivia and Cash's relationship which will show us a huge development in they're actions and the way they view one another. This is the thrive of they're relationship because in a way they don't want another person to mess up the way they have been living but now that the person is the "one" they will struggle with that decision and with being able to fully giving themselves to one another.
"Okay, so I’m a naturally suspicious person, but I have good reason to be.  A lifetime of schemers, liars, selfish buttmunchers and all around icky people has made me a bit jaded.  But I’m coming around.
And with the help of Taryn the suspicious part of Olivia i ranking higher every time...

“Because I know Cash.  That boy has wild blood.  Guys like that don’t change.  And girls can’t make ‘em.  It’s just the way they are. It’s part of why they’re so irresistible, too.  Don’t we all want what we can’t have?”
 The "action" part about the mafia and the Russian's etc... That i tough it was a cool element in here because it had danger and adrenaline to a book that otherwise it would be lovely. We don't want lovely mainly because we want to see what our bad boy Cash can do and  we want to see a bit of Gavin as well....
There are loads of kidnappings, fights and smiling villains.
everything you saw on Down to you you will question here. Marissa and Taryn will be very enigmatic which is kind of weird and it will have strange vibe.
we have mouth opening surprises so get ready for that. A lot of the things you never imagined Will happen, even the impossible ones... I will say no more tough.
The first few pages were a bit hard to read because i couldn't focus on the story but once you get in this vibe you can't let go.  I think that Down to you was more interesting in terms of side story but this one had more on the couple and love parts. Don't get me wrong i went crazy with all this bad boy world but something felt forced or even to fast when i read the book. Like some of the parts were put there just because. But you remove that and M. Leighton gives us and amazing writing full of characters with great personality.

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The Essence (The Pledge 2#) by Kimberly Derting

For starters the cover of this book is beautiful now for the real story...
Charlie is a Queen now.
This was one of the hardest things to get used to: people noticing me. I’d spent my entire life trying to go unobserved.
Now we know that Sabara lives inside Charlie. A part of her that also has demands and needs and that will try to take over and rule the kingdom again. This gave a nice twist and added some unsuspected actions that i really liked and it gave us a change to know Charlie better because of her struggling emotions.
Pledge had less action than The Essence whilst still managing to not look boring, though this book had more actions divided trough the story and not just focused on one part. It had more stress points and fights with some attempts on Charlie's life. That added a nice touch because with the new rules that Queen Charlaina declared doesn't make everyone happy and some people only see one way to end it and it is to kill her and get back on the old costumes.
So basically you won't get a bored moment and there is always this things, actions and peoples you never see coming to just surprise you.
As for romance with our dear Max there is barely any of it because they are apart for most of the book but you can see that when they ARE together there's that spark that they share and they manged to transmit that emotion for us. Max is great character and a very good love interest but i don't think he's one of that guys you will be like "He's my favorite" he's not that good yet. But he's getting there and is awesomely better in this book.
She goes to the summit which is where all the queens will be and she has to learn all the different  costumes and you will see that there are all this moments where you will laugh and go like WHAT? there are some weird queens.
We are introduced to a different character Niko Bartolo i can't tell you who he is but he will be a nice touch to Sabara's life and to confuse Charlie. As well to give Max something to worry over.
Niko Bartolo. Niko, and his golden eyes.
Brooke and Aron are also developing some more serious and important value and getting more scenes of  they're on.
Brook was a champion pacer. I’d never seen anyone pace and mutter, and then pace some more with so much vigor.
The book changes perspective a lot. Some chapters belong to one point of view  and others to another. I think that adds a nice touch in knowing all of the different characters.
The book is fantastic with some serious action in which you will able to see some of the scablands and some of a rebellious movement ready to take Charlie down. You will love it. I did.

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Deity (Covenant 3#) by Jennifer Armentrout

By the way let me start with the teams : Team Aiden....

When Alex becomes an Apollo she will be strong enough to kill even the gods themselves and they are afraid of it so she has to find a way to learn to control her powers. She has to choose in whom to trust and who to kill....
I cannot describe this book because it's that fantastic. Nobody can be trusted and we are faced with a very undecided Alex that has to choose who will stay by her side and help her with her awakening. The thing is, Seth is being very mysterious and hiding things from her and Aiden just pulls apart every time.
 We are introduced to the world of Appolyons where you get to know they're story a little better and have all your doubts cleared. Do not expect Alex to awaken before the book you have to be prepared for all the twists and very rocky ways this book tell it's story trough tough. so much information is delivered to us in this mere 330 pages because you will have to have at least one time out every time this happens.
All the characters are introduced to us in a more intimate ways, you will get to see each and everyone personality and understand they're actions better. Aiden's brother is someone that will appear a lot during this story and we will see a tremendous improvement in the way we know him and even the way he's described will change because we will know his secret and believe me it's very interesting.
Also the gods will pay us a visit. Gods such as Hades, Artemis, Poseidon and at last Apollo which  stands out due to his power and envelopment in the book from the start. We get to see them as hardcore badasses oddly normal and modern.
Slowly, I reached over and poked his arm. It felt like real flesh, warm and hard. Disappointed, I poked him again. I was expecting something amazing—celestial—by touching him. Instead all I got were weird looks from everyone in the room, including Apollo.
 “Artemis, that wasn't very nice.” Hades snapped the arrow in two and tossed it aside. “You could take an eye out with one of those things.”
Everyone that misses Caleb don't worry he is going to pay us a visit in the book as well:
“Wait. You play Mario Kart with Hades and Persephone?”

The relationship with Seth it's awful because deep inside she is only with him due to the bond but i truly believe he likes her which is bad to see and i kind of felt pity for him trough the book. Not any more. Now i just think he is an idiot that let himself be taken by the power inside of him and the one he will get from Alex. He doesn't understand anymore the right from wrong and for who is supportive of him will have a meltdown by the end of the story.  But the way he developed was amazing you see all the mood swings from the angry  Seth to Funny or cold even.

“You don’t know what’s it’s been like. To feel your power and mine together, to know that it will only grow stronger. It’s the aether, yes, but it’s also the akasha. It sings to me like a siren.” Seth.
Aiden is the contrary you will see they're relationship flower but still struggling  And for all the Aiden lovers you will love him even more....

“Because I love you, we share each other’s problems. When we fight, we fight together. I’m going to be by your side no matter what, whether you like it or not. That’s what love is, Alex. You never have to face anything alone again."
---I melted after this----

If you like this gender of book this is an awesome way to go. It has everything you could want. Intrigues and fights, pissed off gods and very hot guys what could be any better?

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Crimson Frost (A Mythos Academy Novel) by Jennifer Estep

The book starts off with Logan and Gwen's date being ruined by Gwen herself and a few coffee's and the protectorate. The law enforcement guys of the school that claim that Gwen has to be dated guilty of letting Loki free.
From that moment on the real story begins and let me tell you that blood and fighting are things that you will see plenty off. Scene with the Reapers, a very scary interrogation with a very scary animal and loads of love from the friends and Logan.
I really enjoyed the book. It was fast passed and very interesting. I always enjoyed Jennifer Estep's writing because it never gets old or boring there is always someone you don't count on to ruin your day (yap it will be someone you don't see coming).
The love interest. There is no love triangles and i am so happy for it because the relationship of Gwen with Logan is perfect the way it is though i had wished they had dated earlier because it took half of the book for them to be considered a couple. But aside form that they are a very real and awesome couple to read of, with Logan's teasing and Gwen's remarks... 
That’s why I was head over heels for the Spartan. Logan could be everything from fun and flirty to stubborn and infuriating, but then he went and said things like that. Was it any wonder I had such a massive crush on him?
 I was about as charming as a wet sock.
The story adds a very interesting character that i am looking forward to know better. Alexei a Russian and very handsome member of the protectorate and a third year student as well as Gwen's Bodyguard. He is very guarded and very hot as well already developing a love interest and no it won't be Gwen it will be someone far more interesting to see.
I was a dangerous Reaper criminal. His job was to watch me, not talk to me.
Wee see a lot of Vic mainly because the story is action packed but also because it will help contribute to the mood of war they are all in and help  brighten the mood with all his witty remarks and LET'S KILL THE REAPERS talk every time he opens his mouth.
  Aside from that The scenarios and ambient are incredible well described and vivid, all the other thing such the truth serum and the jewels with it's powers to the ass kicking scenes. Also you can expect twists and turns at every corner.
The characters is what makes this book be worth reading and rereading because everyone contributes to the story it's not just Gwen. All the Valkyries and Amazons and the Spartans and Bogatyrs. The professor and adults in general. and Nickamedes is really is my favorite character at the moment and i didn't liked him before.
The end leaves us in a very bad humor but looking forward for the next book....